10 April 2024

Day in the Life: Onboarding Placement at ProspectSoft

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Hi! I’m Harry, the Onboarding placement at ProspectSoft.

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a placement student? I’ll walk you through my typical day, offering insights into the vibrant work culture here at ProspectSoft.

It’s a Friday at the office, so we enjoy some added excitement as it’s Pizza and Beer Friday with the other placements.


8:10 AM

After getting myself ready and having a good breakfast, I leave the house and drive to the office with three of the other placements. This year, four of us are living together in Oxford. This has made the commute to and from the office much easier, and I’ve really enjoyed building great friendships with the others in the house.

Before I leave the house, I make sure I have everything I need for the day ahead. Usually, I’ll prep this the night before so I have a bit more time in the morning to get ready. On the drive into the office, I put on some country music. This helps the boys and me get into a good mood and sets us up for the day ahead!

8:30 AM

Once I arrive at the office, I’ll catch up with my colleagues and read my emails before I start my meetings. Every day at 8:30 a.m., I have an ‘Onboarding Check-In’ Teams call with the onboarding team that lasts around 15 minutes. In this call, we chat, and we all go over what we have to cover in the day ahead.

9:00 AM

Following the check-in call, we have a fortnightly training session to go over specific Prospect CRM features (customer relationship management). I really enjoy these sessions as they help provide me with more information on the system and develop my knowledge and terminology.

This not only helps with customer interactions, so I can feel more prepared and well-informed, but it also helps me gain some more insight into industry terminology that I will carry through into my final year of studies as well as my future career. Over time, these sessions will give me more confidence in my role, and I will soon be able to take customer onboarding calls.

10:30 AM

After meetings and training sessions, I start working on my work tasks for the day. Today, I have some billable work to do. This includes creating quote templates for customers, which I format in Microsoft Word and upload to customers’ CRMs. Quote templating involves designing and reformulating compatible fields for each company‘s quotation documents that work seamlessly with the CRM.

In addition to this, I have another task referred to as ‘Data Imports’; this involves me importing external customer data, like potential buyers, over to Prospect CRM so all their information can be easily accessed through the platform. This is an important task that can help make a difference in our customer’s businesses.

11:00 AM

After working through a few of my tasks, I’ll join our ProspectSoft “What’s New” Product Training Teams call. This call happens once every three weeks, and we review new CRM features. This allows all departments to get together and discuss these new features and how they affect customers. Everyone in the business must come together for this so that we are all aware of any recent changes and additions to the software.


12:00 PM

It’s Pizza Friday! Like our “What’s New” call, we have Pizza Friday once every 3 weeks. We are provided with pizza and do a group activity. Today, we are doing a quiz! This is an enjoyable way for us to all come together to have a laugh and have a break from work.

@ps_placements Pizza Fridays at work be like 🕺🏼🍕 #Placement #PlacementYear #TopEmployer #PizzaFriday #Pizza #Dominos #ThatFridayFeeling #FYP ♬ original sound – Katy Perry


1:00 PM

Typically, after lunch, I handle customer calls to schedule welcome, configuration, and training calls. However, today, I don’t have any calls to make, so this allows me to start working on any incomplete tasks I have with customers. This entails sending emails to book calls for the following week, ensuring customers are comfortable with the system, checking in on customers’ progress, and confirming customers are onboarded successfully.

We also have an online chat called Intercom, where customers can ask and discuss any queries. If they are struggling with anything regarding the CRM, they can ask on the Intercom, and I will reply as quickly as I can. Even though I will dedicate a certain amount of time to work through the chats, I must check them regularly to avoid customer dissatisfaction. This is an important part of my role, as, without it, a customer’s business can slow down and lead to customers having a negative onboarding experience.

If I am unable to help the customer with their issue, I will ask my manager to help me out. She will advise me on how best to approach it. I will then make sure to take note of this so that I know for the future.

4:30 PM

On Friday, we finish work half an hour early and have ‘Beer Friday’. Today we can celebrate the end of another good week with a drink and a game. In past times, we have played things like Skribble.IO and Uno, which always bring out people’s competitive sides and allow us to end the week on a high note.

5:00 PM

At 5pm it’s time to head home for the weekend and refresh ourselves for another week at work.

I hope this blog provides a glimpse into life as an Onboarding Placement at ProspectSoft. Engaging with customers and the dynamic work environment makes each day exciting, and I eagerly anticipate the future of my role.

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