11 April 2024

A Day in the Life of A Marketing Placement Student

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Hi! I’m Anna, and for the last year I’ve been the Marketing Placement Student at RateMyPlacement.co.uk. Want to know what it’s like? Here’s a breakdown of my day.


First, I like to start every morning by writing a to-do list. This is essential for being productive and prioritising my workload.


Email admin! I’ll have a quick check of my emails and messages, replying to any urgent ones.


While it is still early in the day, I’ll check the social calendars to see if I need to post anything on that day. If I do, I will make a start on one of the posts and schedule it to go live in the afternoon.


Interview time – I am lucky enough to get to help interview candidates for one of our Campaign Assistant roles as part of my placement.


Weekly 1:1 with my manager. We catch up on everything. From what I’m working on to discussing priorities (including what we were up to at the weekend). This is also a really nice time when she checks in on how I am feeling.

Here are 5 Things I learned during my Placement Year


Usually, I’ll grab a quick cuppa and a snack to power me through until lunch. Typically I may be in a meeting at this time either content planning, social strategising or even planning a future event.


Made it to lunch! If I’m in the office, I’ll grab a bite to eat with the team (hopefully LEON if the bank acc agrees).


Social meeting – me and the Social Media Executive go through our plans for the next week and fill out the content calendars with whatever is relevant to our target audience at the time. This is such a fun part of the role because you can be really creative with it!


Getting into the last few hours of the day, I start powering through review moderation. We host over 100,000+ reviews across both websites, so you can imagine how many we get through. This is a big task so snacks are always on hand (ideally minstrels or jammy dodgers).


I’m part of the Culture Champs – the super fun team that organises all the socials at work. We have a regular meeting to chat about our upcoming events – currently the summer party. Rooftop party incoming…


In the last hour of the day, I double check I’ve completed all of my jobs and get on with any last-minute tasks such as emails to write or reply to.


Day done and it’s back home – if I can resist the urge of team drinks at the local pub!