11 March 2023

How to Break into Digital Marketing

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A career in digital marketing can be exciting, fulfilling and extremely varied – but what does it take to break into the industry?

Whilst there is no single answer, there are several things that you can do to help give yourself the best possible chance of securing a great role for yourself.

1) Secure a placement year

Right at the top of your to-do-list should be securing a placement year. This could be during your time at university, college or after school; with the key being to find somewhere that enables you to pick up vital skills and knowledge to make yourself more employable.

Once you have this on your CV, it gives you priceless weight when it comes to securing a full-time position.

You’ll be able to show any potential employer that you have the attitude and ability to succeed in the industry and importantly, you’ll stand out from those without a placement on their CV.

2) Start a side project

Another great way to showcase your passion for the digital industry and the skills you possess is to work on a side project. This could be:

  • A blog
  • An e-commerce business or website
  • Social media profiles

In the world of digital, you undeniably progress most when you’re ‘doing’. Figuring out how to make a side project successful gives you the chance to enhance your skillset ahead of employment.

Importantly, it also provides a platform to make mistakes with. You only get better by attempting things and working out solutions to problems.

3) Read!

Digital marketing is fast-paced and demanding. Logic that could be applied one year could be outdated the next, so it’s vital to read to stay on top of industry trends and understand what you’ll need to do to deliver results when you’re in employment.

There are hundreds of great marketing blogs and websites out there to use to enhance your knowledge, so you’ll never be short of resources to digest. Remember to read outside of your comfort zone and develop your knowledge around areas you’re less confident with.

4) Be passionate

Don’t underestimate the value of enthusiasm and willingness to learn – it goes a long way. Whether that be during an interview, within an application letter or during your time spent on a placement, employers will want to see that you care about working in the industry. 

This doesn’t mean you have to adopt a personality you’re not comfortable with, as passion for your work can be shown in plenty of different ways. This could be by evidencing you’re widely read, or through running a successful side project.

5) Think about your career path

People get into digital marketing via many different routes. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to a path you should follow.

It might be that university is the right option, or, an apprenticeship could be better suited. You may even head straight from education into a role and work your way up through an organisation.

Whatever route you choose, take the time to think this out as much as possible before you move forward. Whilst it can be a challenge to work out exactly what you want to do, research companies and courses as much as possible.

A placement year, of course, is also a great way to test the waters of working in the industry you’re considering!

This post was produced by Sean Potter, Content Manager at Evoluted. Evoluted specialise in digital marketing, bespoke web development and digital design.