1 October 2023

Black Minds Matter UK: A Charity Spotlight

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It’s Black History Month: a month-long celebration of history, heritage and culture. To acknowledge the contributions that black communities have made to British society. And give them the recognition they deserve.

This year at RateMyPlacement, we’re fundraising for Black Minds Matter UK, a mental health charity connecting black individuals to free support services led by fully qualified therapists. We know how important mental health is. And want to do our bit to help. 

Black Minds Matter UK was founded in 2020, with the aim of removing the stigma around mental health and making it more accessible to the black community. 

Whether it’s therapy or online resources you need, the charity wants to encourage conversations around mental health in black households and point you in the right direction – be it helplines or support groups. 

To access therapy, all you have to do is:

  • Fill out a self-referral form
  • Sign the Black Minds Matter UK agreement
  • Complete a comprehensive initial assessment
  • Match with a professional black therapist for 12 weeks of free online counselling.

RateMyPlacement will run an office book sale and send all the proceeds from the event to the charity. We’ll invite our lovely employers to donate to our Enthuse page too, so we can stretch our fundraising efforts far and wide! 

Black History Month is one of the most important and influential celebrations of the year, taking place annually throughout the month of October. 

First brought to the UK in the 1980s, it brings together people of all backgrounds and religions to commemorate the achievements of the black community in this country.

Throughout school, we tend to focus on World History, American History and European History. But rarely on lesser-known figures who’ve done incredible things.

Black History Month allows us to change the narrative and direct our focus to other historical figures who’ve shaped our lives.

For example:

  • Ignatius Sancho – British writer who used his literacy to abolish slavery across the Atlantic. First known British African to vote in parliamentary elections
  • John Edmonstone – Taxidermist who taught and mentored Charles Darwin, giving him the skills and knowledge to prompt his own theories of evolution
  • Sir Learie Constantine – Activist and politician who served as Trinidad and Tobago’s High Commissioner to the UK and became its first black peer.

This year’s theme is ‘Black Resistance’, and makes a plea to recognise the prejudice and discrimination faced by black communities throughout history. By resisting oppression, people of all races are coming together to call for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Not only does Black History Month unite us, it takes us far beyond the history books, so we can understand the power and relevance of our stories…for years and generations to come.