9 October 2023

Biology Internships

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Biology is the study of all things living, and one of the most exciting degree subjects out there. 

As a biologist, you’ll get to study all sorts of organisms: mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians (or plants). And learn how they interact, not only with each other, but their environment too.

There are so many career paths to go down with biology including botany, pharmacology, veterinary, marine and food science. Each of which begins with an internship. 

So here’s a blog on biology internships to help you narrow down your options and pick the branch that’s right for you. 

What Biology internships are there?

Too many! Internships are a great way to gain valuable work experience and get some hands-on training with a company while being paid. By doing one, you’ll gain a headstart in your career and boost your chances of getting a job after you graduate.  

There are tons of biology internships you can apply for:

Kew Gardens

Each summer, the prestigious Kew Gardens offer science internships to undergraduates and recent graduates.

You’ll work with botanists, mycologists and conservation scientists, developing your research skills, and contributing to projects that align with Kew’s mission and values.

Cambridge University: School of Biological Sciences

Experience Postgrad Life Sciences is an eight-week research internship programme in partnership with Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. 

It’s aimed at helping biology and biomedical undergrads gain lab-based work experience and discover what postgraduate study is all about.

Internships are open to internal and external students. So you don’t need to be a Cambridge student to apply. But you’ll still get the perks of having it on your CV. How brilliant is that?

Wellcome Trust

Want to work for a global charitable foundation, using science to tackle urgent health issues like disease, climate change and mental health? Now’s your chance. 

Wellcome Trust runs eight-week summer internships for first, second and third year students. You’ll learn how a charity runs by working on some real projects, as well as attending industry events and making fab new connections.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research has a range of schemes, including scientific research internships in various locations around the UK, including London and Oxford. Best bit? You’ll work in a supportive environment while carrying out research to improve the lives of those living with cancer. 

Throughout your programme, you’ll attend lots of career skill-development workshops too. You’ll learn how to craft the perfect CV and nail that interview prep. So that when you finish, you can apply for permanent roles within the charity. And beyond… 

In your final year and looking for your first full-time gig? You may have met your match.

Want to know what biology internships are really like? Read over 70,000 intern reviews written by students just like you.

What skills do you gain on Biology internships?

As a biology student, you’ll have broadened your knowledge of biological systems and concepts, and put this knowledge into practice during lab or field work. Once you start your internship, you’ll transfer these skills and pick some cool ones up along the way. 

These include:

  • Communication – report writing and presentations
  • Organisation – ability to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines
  • Investigative – analysing specimens and assessing risks
  • Numeracy – design accurate experiments and run clinical trials
  • Research – conducting studies and interpreting results

How do you find Marine Biology internships?

Feel more at home at sea than on land or space? If cockles and mussels float your boat (rather than mountains or meteors), marine biology internships could be calling your name. 

In 2019, The Crown Estate launched the Marine Futures Internship, giving recent grads a chance to experience the broad range of careers available in the marine sector. 

As an intern, you’ll find yourself mud dipping, carrying out seal surveys and looking into sustainable fishing methods (using creel pots instead of trawling). Or bulking up in other areas like renewable energy development and community engagement.

Hear what this intern had to say about their internship with Marine Futures.

“This internship was invaluable to me, I was really struggling to find entry level roles when I finished university and this internship was the ideal opportunity. It gave me the chance to work with, and for, four different partners and it really helped me figure out which direction I wanted my career to head in. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now without the internship.”

(Lydia Tabrizi, Marine Lead Advisor, Natural England)

And that’s not all! Biology internships can take you all over the world – from the warm waters of Fiji to the coral reefs of Australia’s Great Barrier. 

What do you say? Ready for a fun-filled adventure? 

Take that first step today.