Applications & Testing During the Job Hunt

We all need that little bit of extra support right now. Which is why we’ve called in the expert - Gemma Hurt, Early Careers Leader for GE Aviation - to dole out some career advice.

Every month, she’ll be sharing top-shelf content from her employability conference. A conference that is specifically designed to support YOU on your job hunt.

So watch this space.

Hi all,

I am Gemma Hurt, back again to provide support and guidance through the challenging world of the job hunt.

Hopefully some of you saw my blog last month and now feel mentally ready to face applications!

This month we will be focussing on Applications & Testing, both of which you are likely to encounter in any recruitment process you join.

How many applications should I be doing?

You might get the advice to make as many applications as you can, my advice would be the absolute opposite.

I am sure you have many demands on your time; your studies, employment, social life and any hobbies. Therefore, you only have a finite amount of time to dedicate to making your employment choices, so be targeted.

Focus your energy and time on five roles you really care about plus one more. The additional role should be something you don’t care so much about, apply there first and make all your potential mistakes on a role not that important to you!

The reason I advise you to target is that there is a lot that goes into an application; tailoring your CV, research, research & more research, and thinking about how to articulate your experiences to appeal to an employer. 

Check out the session Erik delivered as part of our Early Careers South West Network employability conference; he will dig a little deeper into how to make a great application.

What about testing?

Testing is also common in most recruitment processes but can come in all different types and formats. It is important to understand what and how you are being tested so you can prepare as appropriate.

For some more scenario, personality-based tests, there is no need to prep which I am sure you will be thankful for. The key here, is to answer authentically and go with your initial gut reaction.

Others might test your numeracy, logic or verbal skills, these I would give the opposite advice and suggest you get as much practice as you can. There are a number of websites that will enable you to get comfortable with the format of the tests ahead of doing the real thing.

For the real thing, don’t be tempted to ask a friend to take them for you as often there are validation tests later in the process face to face and your friend can’t be there for you! Elizabeth shares some great insights, so do check out her recording from our conference.

So the key for both applications and online tests is to get prepared, do your research, put the work in and you will be fine!

I hope you have found this useful and see you next month!



P.S our GE Aviation placements are live! So do check them out here.