7 November 2023

A Day in the Life: ProspectSoft

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Placements. You’ve probably heard all about them but are not quite sure what they’re all about or even what you’re supposed to do during one. 

Well, look no further. We caught up with Ted, a current placement student at ProspectSoft. They gave us a full rundown of what their day as a placement student looks like.

Hi, I’m Ted, and I’ve been the Account Management Assistant at ProspectSoft for the past three months. Are you thinking about applying for placements but not sure what you’ll do? Here’s what my day looks like…


I start the day by logging on and checking my calendar. Then I’ll reply to any important emails before making a much-needed coffee.


I then hop onto the Premium Services Team catch-up meeting to discuss the main talking points of the previous day, ask any customer-related questions we may have for each other, and go through everyone’s plans for the day to make sure we’re all keeping busy! 


The morning catch-up meeting ends, and the answering of all my other emails begins.

ProspectSoft is a UK-based division of The Access Group specialising in CRM and eCommerce. It’s also pretty well known for its placement scheme. In fact, ProspectSoft is a finalist in RateMyPlacement’s Best 5 Small to Medium-sized Employers 2022-2023.


Usually, I have a meeting with a customer at this point. This could be either a scheduled, regular catch-up or a discussion of an ongoing issue in an attempt to sort things out. These usually last around an hour, and it’s my job to shadow my supervisors, take notes from the meeting, and contribute to the conversation where I can. 


Following the meeting, I send a follow-up email to the customer that summarises the main points of the conversation. Once I’ve made sure they’re happy with how the meeting went and potentially booked another meeting for a few weeks, I would take a quick break to play a game of Pool with one of the other placements!


Every three weeks, ProspectSoft gets a HUGE selection of pizzas for the staff members in the office — all part of ‘Pizza Friday’! So, when it hits lunchtime, we eat as much as possible whilst sitting in on a company-wide meeting. This is where we hear about the recent successes of each department within the business.

An assistant account manager has tons of responsibilities, which can include preparing and processing documents, managing schedules and budgets, and ensuring the wider team are doing their jobs. So if you’re detail-oriented and great with people – it’s 2000% worth looking into.


From 13:00 onwards, I will usually get to work on some daily tasks set by my line manager. These could be to liaise with members of the team or customers, chase people up via email or telephone call, or build certain reports on PowerBI.


Just before 15:00, I grab another coffee to fuel the afternoon. I usually have another meeting or two with customers or my colleagues before having a snack and a drink from the Barclays Eagle Labs to keep me going!

16:30 / 17:00  

While we work up until 17:00 from Monday to Thursday, on Fridays, we are fortunate enough to log off at 16:30 and help ourselves to beers for the last thirty minutes of the day! This is a great way to wind down with the team after a week of hard work.

“Every day is different, and this placement has given me invaluable experience that will be key to my future career success. I recommend putting yourself out there to find the right placement for you, as you will develop so many skills from real, first hand experience.”

Ted, Account Management Assistant at ProspectSoft

Want to know what ProspectSoft is like? Watch their office tour below!