7 September 2023

6 Job-Landing Questions to Ask at an Interview

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When searching for your first professional experience, whether an internship or job placement, it is essential to ask a few questions of your own during the interview.

Students entering the workforce today certainly have an uphill climb. The days of simply having a university degree to guarantee a position have passed. Making internships and job placements a valuable resource.

HR recruiters and hiring managers want value in their interns. And highlighting your strengths and asking a few key interview questions of your own could qualify you as the perfect candidate.

What are the questions to ask during your next internship or job placement interview? Ensuring you ask about the position, your role, and the company will enhance the experience.

Let’s take a deeper look at what questions you should have prepared prior to your first internship or job placement interview.

Question #1 – Is there formal training for interns or new hires? What can I expect during my first day and week on the job?

Knowing what to expect and if you will get any formal training is essential. You will want to be listening closely when the interviewer answers since it could be a good indicator of whether you should take the position.

Having an easy transition into your first internship or job placement will allow you to get comfortable. You can use the training period to sharpen your skills and get to know your colleagues.

Question #2 – What are a few key qualities you like in your most successful interns or new hires?

You have lined up an internship or placement interview and now it’s time to show your potential employer your desire to do well. As a student, you know the importance of asking for what you need to succeed.

Asking about key qualities and the skills needed for job growth gives you a clear idea of what you need to brush up on for success. Your interviewer will surely be impressed by your drive to succeed at their company.

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Question #3 – Are there any resources students can take advantage of during the internship or duration of the job placement?

Since you already know the key qualities that will make you stand out as an intern or new hire, it is important to gather the appropriate resources. What value can you get from the experience?

Students can often move on from an internship or job placement with more growth potential. You can develop a network for future career opportunities, mentors, and even a job offer.

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Question #4 – What type of projects will I be working on during my internship or job placement?

This question is often overlooked by students interviewing for their first internship or job placement opportunity. Internships and job placements are an opportunity to grow and develop a skill set to land the career of your dreams.

Angela Smith of The Daily Muse suggests, “for starters, make sure you and the employer are on the same page when it comes to the basics of the job and what success will look like.”

You certainly don’t want to be making copies, delivering mail, and fetching coffee for months on end. As a student looking to add to your professional experience, you want to ensure you will be involved in projects like any other employee in the company.

If your interviewer has a mixed response to this question, you may want to continue searching for the internship or job placement that better fits your professional goals.

Question #5 – How many interns or placed employees receive full-time job offers? Is there an opportunity for growth?

This is a very important question if you are interviewing with a company you could see yourself spending a decade or two at. Asking this question tells your interviewer your intentions for a full-time position with the company.

If there doesn’t seem like there is room for growth, you may want to interview at another company. Internships and job placement are the foot in the door for many students.

Question #6 – How would you describe the company culture?

As a student, you know the importance of fitting in and feeling comfortable in your surroundings.

Your internship or job placement should be no different, and asking about company culture will ensure you transition splendidly.

“Even simple cultural components, like a set of common values or a mission statement, can align workers under a single, identifiable banner,” says Jayson Demers of Entrepreneur.

The value behind company culture is simple. You have to be happy where you work, regardless if it’s an internship or a full-time career position.

Achieving your professional goals and moving your career forward in a powerful way may seem slightly out of sight as a student. However, the networking and skills you develop during internships and job placement opportunities will certainly clear a path to great things.