2 May 2018

2018’s Top Revision Apps

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Revision is a chore.

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys revising, and if you want to get an amazing placement/internship you need to get cracking grades.

With exam season looming, we’ve made a list of helpful apps that will hopefully make the prospect of revision a little more bearable.


Quizlet allows you to create your own flashcards and it’s free to download.

There are a few different modes within the app to make things more interesting too, for example you can race against the clock in a game of match, test your memory with write mode or just use the classic learn mode. 

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.


Time management can be an issue when you’re neck-deep in revision.

Trello is a project management tool and you can use it to keep track of all the different potential essay questions that could come up in your exams.

You can then create a new board for each module and within that board create a new card for each possible essay question that could come up.

That way you’re building up a bank of potential essay questions with essay plans ready to learn.

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.

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Forest: Stay focused

Procrastination is something we are all guilty of, like littering.

One quick YouTube video can easily turn into a two-hour binge session on deep-sea mysteries videos.

Forest is the anti-procrastination app. Whenever you open the app to revise, you plant a tree and set a time limit for your revision session, if you stop revising and check your phone, the tree will die.

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.


If mind maps are more your thing, then this next app is perfect for you.

MindMeister allows you to organise lots of information in an easy to digest format helping you to understand information better and faster. This is a great free download that you can use across a number of platforms to help you revise for your next exam.

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.


Staying productive is always a challenge when you’re revising.

Todait is a study planner that is designed to help you plan and divide your study material over a specific time period.

It will even provide you with detailed feedback and adjust your schedule based on how efficiently you’re studying!

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.

Sleep Cycle

If you can maintain a traditional sleeping pattern while revising, you deserve a medal.

For most students, exam season is a cause of sleepless nights and endless nights spent in the library. 

Sleep Cycle will ensure you make the most out of those precious hours of shut-eye. The app watches your sleep habits and helps you get the most out of your beauty sleep so you’re on top of your game for the next revision session.

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.


A revision playlist filled with some absolute tunes is crucial to keep you motivated while you’re working your way through copious amounts of lecture notes and essay plans.

There are umpteen playlists already put together to help you get through revision on Spotify. Plus you can upgrade to a premium account for only £4.99 a month, it’s well worth the extra dollar. 

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.


Ever been so deep into your revision that you’ve forgotten all about dinner?

It seems outlandish that a student should forget about food, but it happens.

If you ever have the misfortune to miss a meal due to revision, get on Deliveroo and order in your favourite meal from a local restaurant delivered right to your front door.

Hey you could even call it a treat for smashing your revision.

Download on Android here. Download from App Store here.

Zombies, Run!

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that you retain information much better if you mix some exercise into your revision schedule.

This app is a great way to stay motivated while you’re getting plenty of exercise, it even has a cool story to go with it.

Download on Android here. Download on App Store here.