About the Best Student Employers 2023 - 2024

Each year we reveal the best student employers to work for in the UK, based on the thousands of reviews submitted to RateMyPlacement.co.uk.

The employers that make the table do so because they offer top-tier work experience for students. But how exactly is the table calculated? And why is it so important to get work experience? Scroll down to find out.

How are the Best 100 Employers & Medium-sized created?


A student writes a review of their placement, internship, insight or vacation scheme and submits it to RateMyPlacement.co.uk.


They respond to questions about their role relating to five key aspects: Skills, Responsibilities, Support & Guidance, Culture and Impressions. They’ll also rank the company out of 5 for each question.


All reviews are quality checked by the RateMyPlacement team.


Companies that hire more than 20 students go into the Best 100, and those that hire between 3 and 20 go into the Best Medium-sized.


Our digital team plug all the scores from the last three years into an algorithm (created by the founders of RateMyPlacement), and ta-da, the Best 100 and Best Medium-sized are formed!

Why work experience is so important


Competition for graduate jobs has reached a record high, with The Institute of Student Employers reporting an average of 91 applications per vacancy. But here’s a secret not everyone knows…

Be it a 5-hour virtual experience or a year-long placement, getting work experience will astronomically increase your chances of walking straight into a job after university.

Employers are looking for self-reliant graduates who can hit the ground running, manage their relationships effectively and have the technical skills to do the job - snagging work experience before you graduate will help you get there.

Crucially, employers use these schemes to find talented students and train them in the skills their business needs - before hiring them. In fact, across all of the Best Student Employers, 49% of their placement students and interns were offered graduate jobs. This could be YOU.