Software Application Engineer Placement at Intel Corporation

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Placement Year (10 Months+)
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29th November 2019
South West
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Computer and Systems Engineering Computer Science Information Technology

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Intel Corporation is a Top Employer
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Software Application Engineer Placement

Intel FasterLab is a leading centre of innovation for Enterprise Computing with a particular focus on Financial Services Industry. In this role you will contribute to the success of Intel FasterLab projects. You will be designing and implementing sophisticated setups involving the latest and upcoming hardware components (main board, processors, storage solutions, networking) and software stacks (various OSes, MRTEs, DBMSs, etc.) You will be participating in the analysis, configuration, and tuning of these components for maximum performance. You will also take responsibilities in systems administration (mostly Linux and Windows). With sufficient experience and aspiration you will be able to participate in new software development projects.

This position offers a great opportunity to work with world's leading experts, software vendors, and IT organizations, and to advance the applicant's leading-edge technical qualifications as well as develop project management and customer relationship skills.


This is a 13 month fixed term placement suitable for undergraduates who are studying towards a degree in computer science, information technology, electronics, or another related discipline, and seeking an industrial placement as part of their degree requirements.

The successful candidate should have:

  • Familiarity in installing and configuring hardware systems and computer peripherals such as storage, RAID arrays, networking, etc.
  • Linux, Unix, or Windows administration skills (account management, network connectivity; OS, driver and other software component installations)
  • At least basic Linux/Unix skills (shell, editors).

A strong plus will be:

  • Familiarity with programming in C++, Java and/or C#
  • Knowledge in computer architectures, OS fundamentals, and software optimization techniques
  • Some familiarity with computer networks, network adapters and protocols; hands-on skills in networks configuration
  • Some experience in developing or administering databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL
  • Experience in software development for Managed Run-Time Environments (MRTEs) such as J2EE, .NET, WebLogic, WebSphere, and/or scripting environments such as Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python

This role requires good verbal and written communication skills in English. The position involves working in an IT lab environment; the ability to move (sometimes heavy) equipment around is necessary. A candidate who's highly motivated to learn, shows initiative, takes responsibility, and enjoys working in a multicultural environment will best fit the team.

Inside this Business Group

Intel Architecture, Graphics, and Software (IAGS) brings Intel's technical strategy to life. We have embraced the new reality of competing at a product and solution level—not just a transistor one. We take pride in reshaping the status quo and thinking exponentially to achieve what's never been done before. We've also built a culture of continuous learning and persistent leadership that provides opportunities to practice until perfection and filter ambitious ideas into execution.

About Intel

For over 50 years Intel has been leading and bringing new technology to the marketplace. Now we are building on our historical strength in silicon, innovation and global manufacturing capacity to create new products and technologies that help people live happier, more productive lives.

When you work for Intel, you join a company where your career, and your life, can benefit from long-term stability and continual growth. Intel lets you play a role in developing and supporting industry-leading innovations while working with diverse people, from a variety of regions around the world.

Come and join our diverse and vibrant team of over 30 nationalities in the UK, where you will have the chance to be involved in many opportunities, ranging from work related events, major projects, daily working life to intern social life and sporting events. Our interns also have the chance to participate in volunteering and charity work within the community.

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