Software Application Engineer (High Performance Computing) Placement at Intel Corporation

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Computer Science Electronic and Electrical Engineering Information Technology

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Software Application Engineer (High Performance Computing) Placement

This is a unique internship position for an enthusiastic early career research student aspiring to undertake novel research and development work within the data science arena. The position will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to gain valuable industrial experience of Intel’s work within this domain as well as the potential to help to shape future software and hardware platforms. The position combines research work and cutting-edge software engineering, with small amounts of project management, as well as the opportunity to interact with other researchers both within Intel and in organisations such as the Alan Turing Institute.

A successful candidate will be engaged in progressing cutting-edge research projects of interest to both the candidate and Intel within the data science domain, with a particular focus on the applications of Deep Learning. You will work as part of a highly dynamic and knowledgeable team located in the UK and across the wider European area. Although you will have the opportunity to interact with and provide technical feedback to Intel’s global research and product engineering groups in order to potentially enhance upcoming platforms, technologies, tools, and products relating to data science. Depending on the results of the research the position also offers opportunities to present technical papers at external conferences as well as internal forums.

The position offers a great opportunity to advance the applicant’s technical qualifications as well as develop project management and industrial partner relationship skills. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to gain valuable industrial experience of, and a unique insight into, a key technology company actively engaged in advancing the state-of-the-art within the field of data science.

This is a 13 month fixed-term placement suitable for students currently studying a degree course in computer science related degree, and is targeted at 2nd year students enrolled in a 4 years bachelor's degree in a scientific or engineering discipline, which includes a year in industry.

The successful candidate should have:

  • Familiarity in installing and configuring hardware systems and computer peripherals such as storage, RAID arrays, networking, etc.
  • Linux, Unix, or Windows administration skills account management, network connectivity OS, driver and other software component installations
  • At least basic Linux/Unix skills shell, editors.
  • Existing familiarity with at least one parallel programming model (such as Spark, MPI, OpenMP, C++ threads or PThreads, etc) is expected

A strong plus will be:

  • Some familiarity with computer networks, network adapters and protocols hands-on skills in networks configuration are a strong plus
  • Knowledge in computer architectures, OS fundamentals, and software optimization techniques
  • Experience in programming in C/C++ is preferable, although Java would be acceptable, ideally in combination with modern scripting languages (e.g. Python*, Perl*, etc.) – as proven by practical software developing experience
  • A high-level understanding of current Intel processor architecture, and potentially that of an FPGA
  • Experience with Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Deep Learning (particularly with existing frameworks such as Tensorflow or Neon etc); Heterogeneous computing; GPU

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