Finance Industrial Placement Student

Nicola Wainwright


Placement (10 Months+)

What made you apply to National Grid?

National Grid is one of the largest and most reputable energy transportation companies in the world. They have great training and development opportunities which are a great prospect for my personal growth.

How much responsibility were you given during your placement / internship?

Throughout the year I have been given an increasing amount of responsibility, leading my own projects and being involved with more difficult work as I have increased my knowledge.

What were the highlights of your job?

A highlight of my role is being surrounded by a great team, being able to get involved with a wide range of opportunities both inside and outside of my day to day role. I was also part of a team which created a path on a community day visit which was also very rewarding.

What is the most valuable lesson you learnt on your placement / internship?

I have learnt a number of different things on my placement some of which include systems including SAP and BI. I have become more advanced in my Excel skills and I have had many opportunities to develop my communication and presentation skills. I have also had a number of opportunities to learn about the wider business through site visits and meeting with senior managers from other teams.

Would you want to return to work full time at National Grid and if so, why?

I would like to return to National Grid because I believe the range of opportunities available to Finance students is good including being able to complete a professional accounting qualification. There is also a great atmosphere in the office.

What advice would you give to someone planning their placement?

My advice would be to know your strengths and the development areas you could improve on - this will help shape your objectives and give you focus for the year. Don’t be afraid to get involved with tasks that challenge both your knowledge and also tasks that help to develop your weak areas as you may get the most out of this. Lastly take every opportunity you can and this will help you get the most from your experience.

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