Commercial Intern

Hector Russell-Wilks


Internship (1 Month+)

What was the interview process like?

After sending off a tailored CV and cover letter I was invited to undertake an online numerical test. This was followed by a phone interview and finally an assessment centre which involved tasks such as group negotiations and a final interview.

How much responsibility were you given?

I was given a very high level of responsibility but support was always available if I needed it. I never expected to gain the level of exposure that I did and be able to work with some of the company’s directors.

What advice would you give to someone applying for the role?

Before the assessment day there really is ‘no substitute for hard work’. The best advice I can give is be yourself. People always think how they can stand out, but the best way to do that is act how you normally would and demonstrate why you are passionate to work for L’Oreal!

What has been your biggest challenge?

With no previous experience in the beauty industry, the biggest challenge has been trying to get to grips with how the company works and its acronyms. But the teams you work with are so supportive and will do anything they can to make your life easier.

Where has your experience exceeded your expectations?

I have always wanted to work in a place that allows me to make a difference in the business world, somewhere where I can actually see my hard work transforming into results. Even as an intern I was allowed to make decisions and create things that will be seen throughout the whole of the UK & Ireland.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

The people at L’Oreal make it such a great place to work. There is always a 'buzz' on the floor and everyone is so friendly. No two days are the same, you get the opportunity to work with amazing brands and are able to really immerse yourself in the ‘nothing is impossible’ culture.

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