Sales Consultant

Jack Crowe


Placement (10 Months+)

What made you apply to Golfbreaks?

My interest in golf and experience in sales attracted me immediately to GBDC! Not only that, the simple application process was extremely beneficial in a busy second year – a CV and cover letter was needed which then led to a phone interview and an assessment day. The fact that GBDC is based in Windsor was also an added bonus – I had visited before and knew that the town was a great place to both work and socialise.

How much responsibility were you given during your placement/internship?

Throughout the placement I was treated as an equal to any full time member of staff. Once the initial in-depth training process was completed, I was left to my own devices to manage my own workflow. This was great as many of my friends said they had experienced a ‘tea boy’ type of placement where they didn’t have any real business interaction – this definitely is not the case at GBDC!

Would you want to return to work full time at Golfbreaks and if so, why?

Definitely! The graduate roles here at GBDC are great, allowing you to build on your placement year with the potential to move up in the company. A large number of the management team are actually ex-placement students – showing the great value they place on students. Not only that, recently GBDC have opened up an office in America – this can only be good news for potential vacancies opening up.

What did you enjoy most about your placement/internship?

The people at GBDC really did make the placement – from the managers to the full time members of staff and other placement students. There was a strong ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude which definitely suited a young and motivated workforce. As well as earning money, you also go on familiarisation trips to resorts all over the UK and Europe which helps improve your product knowledge – and is also a great chance to play golf and socialise with colleagues.

How has this placement/internship affected your career prospects?

It has definitely improved my career prospects, not only on my CV by allowing me to put a full year in industry, but also all of the other activities associated with the year. Opportunities are there to travel around the country to various events showcasing golf travel, enabling you to show future employers client and supplier interaction. Overall my year at GBDC has been truly enjoyable and I cannot wait to finish university and use the skills I have learnt.

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