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Vacation Scheme

After researching a number of firms, the main reason I chose to apply to Shoosmiths was because of their culture and core values. When looking through the website, the tagline ‘we’re not looking for 20 carbon copies, we recruit people from lots of different stages in their career’ stood out to me. As someone who didn’t go down the traditional university route, to find a firm that was not only a leading national firm but also promotes diversity was surprising.

My vacation scheme consisted of a split week between construction and planning. During my time with construction I participated in client calls, drafted client emails and letters and helped pull together documents for a witness statement. During my time in planning I helped to prepare bundles and delivered them to Kings Chambers, drafted letters and carried out some really interesting research for one of the partners. I also helped with the ice cream charity trolley which was really fun and a great way to meet other people in the firm!

On top of the work I was given from the team I was also given a mid week assignment to complete and a mini project which concluded with a presentation at the end of the week, delivered to the training principal, a partner, a manager from HR and both of my hosts! Although daunting at first, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge!

Everyone I came across while on my placement week was approachable, friendly and genuinely interested in me. It was clear there was no hierarchy across the floor and it was really lovely that everything Shoosmiths say about their people on their website is absolutely true.

I find the atmosphere at Shoosmiths to be different to any other firm I’ve worked in. Trainees are valued and respected and there is an element of fun in the office even when everyone is working hard. The ice cream and drinks trollies were a clear example of how Shoosmiths promote a great working environment while giving back to the community at the same time.

From the week I spent at Shoosmiths, the most valuable thing I gained was absolute certainty that this is somewhere I would love to work. It was clear from the moment I arrived that the culture and values that initially attracted me to the firm were reflected in every day working life.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Shoosmiths. It was fast paced, challenging and a fantastic way to get in front of people and network. It gave me great insight into what it would be like to train at a successful, national firm and reaffirmed my decision to go work for a commercial law firm.

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