Tax Trainee

  • BSc Chemistry
  • Southampton, University of
  • Internship (1-4 Months)
  • Evelyn Partners

Why did you choose an Accountancy internship?

After graduating from Southampton University with a degree in chemistry, I was unsure what to do next. Studying for a further qualification while being paid and gaining valuable work experience made accountancy sound like a perfect option. My work is varied here, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get involved in different aspects of the business. The bulk of my work involves tax compliance.

What projects have you worked on?

I have helped on business development for media sector clients and advisory pieces for large UK and international companies. Not only that, I’ve helped run the firm’s share scheme plan and contributed to an HMRC consultation on new legislation. And even found myself involved in staff recruitment! Plus I have been able to experience both corporate and personal tax work through secondment.

“The size of the firm means I’ve formed good relationships with a wide range of people from different departments. Everyone is friendly and I often find myself chatting to people from trainee to partner level on nights out”

How do you find studying and working simultaneously?

I was initially apprehensive about studying and working but everyone is understanding when your exams are imminent. Importantly, a positive work-study-life balance is encouraged. In between work and studying, I still have time to see friends and enjoy my lifelong passion - shopping!

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