Energy Marketing & Trading Analyst

Florian Forster

Chemical Engineering

Placement (10 Months+)

What attracted you to Centrica?

I already had some experience of the energy industry, having completed a year-long work placement in a refinery. So I was very interested in joining a big utility company that was in the process of adapting to the energy transition. What I especially like about Centrica is how serious the company is about the role it plays in society.

How long have you been with the company?

My first placement began just a couple of weeks ago. I am based within the Energy Marketing & Trading division, where I am currently working as an analyst on the LNG desk. My job is to ensure our LNG cargos move from A to B in a safe and timely manner. I am also responsible for making economic predictions and for working with our clients and partners to grow Centrica’s global LNG presence.

Have you received any support for your development yet?

Yes, it’s amazing how much the company does to get you up to speed. Before I started in my first placement, I not only completed a broad awareness course on the UK energy markets but also received specific training to help me build up my finance and trading skills.

What are your first impressions of Centrica?

I have definitely been struck by the friendly atmosphere here. The team I am in is very close and we all share a real passion for the energy industry. I have enjoyed cracking the odd joke with our COO, who sits right next to me. It’s good to be able to have that kind of light-heartedness in what is otherwise quite a stressful working environment – I think we have just the right balance of pressure and fun.

Have you had any opportunities to network in the short time you’ve been here?

We recently met up with graduate colleagues from our European counterpart, NEAS, which we acquired one year ago. It proved to be a real highlight of my time here so far. I was able to make some fantastic connections, and also got some excellent insights into their business. I am hoping that I may even be able to do a placement exchange with them at some point in the future.

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