Forward Model Architectures

Forward Model Architectures

It’s so nice to come back to the same team, even though the projects the team and I are now working on are so different to the ones from 12 months ago! My work is focused on technical studies for future vehicle concepts. These are the cars that will appear in 2025 and beyond. By the time these cars are on the road, I see myself still working here and working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer. I love being given the freedom to come up with ideas for the future and present them to management and even higher. I love being given the opportunity to develop in a globally recognised business. This has been so helpful when I’ve gone back to University. I’m so much better at preparing and planning projects in University thanks to the skills I’ve picked up here.

One of the fascinating areas of growth for us and the automotive industry is the concept of ‘on-demand’ cars. Where cars will drive themselves to you once you’ve ordered it. You won’t have to pick it up. Sharing is the future. We need to be ahead of the rest when it comes to this revolution in the automotive industry.

Even though we are looking so far into the future, Jaguar Land Rover also does a great job of looking after the communities in which we live in. I’ve delivered presentations to schools about my work and volunteered to build a mud kitchen in a school garden. We go on team building events and social nights to bring us closer together.

When I applied, I was amazed that I didn’t have to be a car fanatic to succeed here. Jaguar Land Rover want people with ideas, who are fascinated by overcoming technical and engineering challenges to benefit people and the planet.

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