Scrum Master, Agile



Placement (10 Months+)

Graduate Role at Autodesk

After finishing my studies, I wanted to find a job where I could apply the mathematical skills I had learnt. I was interested in Delcam, as it was then prior to being acquired by Autodesk in 2014, because it specialises in CAD/CAM software. This is an area which relies heavily on mathematical algorithms, involving many interesting mathematical problems.

In my first week at the company, I was provided with excellent training in C++ and object oriented programming. This provided me with a good foundation to build on, as I did not have a strong background in computing. I found the friendly and relaxed working atmosphere perfect for learning and problem solving.

In my first graduate rotation I was given small bug fixing tasks to build up my confidence in programming before attempting larger projects. My supervisor was excellent and gave me continuous feedback on general programming practice and code design.

Since then I have implemented a trimming tool for trimming 3D scan data. Although I was not using my mathematical skills directly, I thoroughly enjoyed the day to day logical problem solving involved in designing and implementing the code.

I am now permanently in the PowerMill department, working as the Scrum Master for one of our agile teams working on generating machining toolpaths that enable 3D computer models to be turned into physical parts.

As mentioned above, I enjoy the friendly and relaxed working environment that Autodesk provides. In every department I have worked with excellent colleagues and encountered interesting problems to solve. I have also enjoyed Autodesk’s subsidised socials events which have been a great way of getting to know colleagues in other departments.

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