Placement Software Engineer

What was the application process like?

After applying to Lighthouse I received an online test with logic questions. I was invited to the assessment day which consisted of two interviews, personal presentation and some group exercises. People were so friendly I was able to relax and do my best.

What was the interview process like?

There was two interviews which was a part of the assessment day. Frist one was the techincal interview presenting your own code and the second interview was talking about yourself and your CV.

What advice would you give to students applying for your role?

Relax and enjoy the experience but prepare for the technical interview.

How much responsibility do you have?

Once the training is done you’re treated like any other employee in the company. You’re not restricted from any work and you can choose any tasks if you feel confident that you’ll be able to complete them.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I think the most challenging part was getting used with this industry field. Understanding various manufacturing concepts and extensive terminology can be a little bit daunting in the beginning.

How has this experience exceeded your expectations?

Since the beginning I received high quality training from people who are very skilled. I didn’t expect to learn this much, so fast and to work on real tasks along the development team.

What is the office atmosphere like?

Friendly, welcoming and like a big family.

How promising are the graduate prospects?

Very. I have already been offered and accepted onto the graduate programme.

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