Series 1 Episode 2 - How can I make the most of my pre-application experience?

by Allen & Overy

Top Employer

In a series of interviews and panel discussions, this podcast explores the many routes to becoming a lawyer as well as the options available during and after a career in law. Hosted by Bianca Vasilache, an A&O trainee, the guest speakers share their stories and practical advice for potential applicants and current practitioners alike.

In this episode of Launch, our host, Bianca Vasilache, a final-seat trainee, is joined by Ben Moult, a graduate recruitment specialist, and two trainees, Maria John, a law graduate, and Joe Fallon, a non-law graduate, in discussing the different types of work experience, academics and extracurriculars that law firms are looking for, how to choose between the numerous options and, most importantly, how to make the most of them.