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  • Responsibilities
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  • Culture
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  • 1. Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis.
  • I was a part of the marketing team which managed and oversaw the UEFA EURO 2020 campaign. This entailed in me being a part of the war rooms during events, as well as daily meetings with members of our transnational teams. I was also responsible for analysing data and trends. I was also given the opportunity to work with the music team and help programme music for the flagship EURO2020 playlist on the platform.


  • 2. Have you learnt any new skills, or developed your existing skills?
  • Yes I definitely have learnt new skills prior to this role I had experience in PR, but I was a complete novice in marketing. This opportunity allowed me to develop my marketing skills and made me aware of the detail that is required to correctly execute a marketing campaign. I also developed how to work amongst a group or team of people from completely different backgrounds, interests etc. which really improved my confidence.

  • How would you rate the training provided during your experience?
  • 4/5

  • How would you rate your development of industry-specific skills during the experience?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate your development of personal / soft skills during the experience?
  • 5/5

  • Please rate how these skills have helped you in your career development
  • 5/5


  • 3. Were you given much responsibility during your placement / internship?
  • Not so much, we were given tasks that we were responsible for, but we didn’t have much freedom to try different things that we would be responsible for. Regardless it was still an overall enjoying experience and we were given the freedom to be expressive with the tasks we were given

  • Please rate how meaningful the work you were doing was
  • 4/5

    Support & Guidance

  • 4. How much support and guidance did you receive during your placement / internship?
  • We had plenty of support and guidance, I was definitely appreciative of how friendly and helpful everyone was. I instantly felt welcome and confident enough to raise questions and ask about things that I wasn’t sure about.

  • How would you rate the support and guidance from your line manager?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the support and guidance from the wider team?
  • 4/5


  • 5. What was the company culture and general atmosphere like?
  • It was friendly and welcoming. It didn’t feel as if there was any hierarchy everyone wanted to talk to me and help me whatever I needed. Everyone worked together regardless of the department and all shared the same goal, which was to better and push the company in the right direction.

  • How would you rate the inclusiveness of the culture?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the social opportunities?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the diversity initiatives?
  • 5/5

  • How would you rate the charity, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives?
  • 4/5

    Your Impressions

  • 6. To what extent did you enjoy your placement / internship?
  • This was overall the best experience of my life. People from my background typically don’t get opportunities to work for a company like TikTok and it was a humbling experience. This experience allowed me to believe that I can achieve everything, and anything through hard work and determination.

  • Please rate your level of enjoyment on your placement / internship
  • 5/5

  • Please rate how your experience met your expectations
  • 5/5

  • Please rate the future employment prospects at TikTok
  • 5/5

  • 7. Would you recommend TikTok to a friend?
  • Yes

  • 8. What advice would you give to others applying to TikTok
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

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Internship (1-4 Months)


Central London and City

October 2021

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