Service Desk (TechOps Team) at Shell

Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)
Coventry West Midlands
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Computer and Systems Engineering Computer Science


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About You

Role Description

The service desk team is frontline IT support for internal employees to the business.

1. To what extent did you enjoy the insight?

The experience was very interesting, as I was worked between two different teams, and was shown around the entire building by a member of human resources. Everyone was very welcoming, and helped me with any queries I had, along with showing me what I would need to be doing over the week. However, I will say that on one day I was completing quite boring and mundane tasks, however this did pickup afterwards.


2. To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?

Everyone at the company was very welcoming and polite, especially for someone that was quite young. I met quite a few different people in my time at the office, and many people said hello to me in the corridors, or shook my hand and introduced themselves, a very nice community.


3. How much guidance/support did you receive during the insight?

Throughout the whole experience, I had a dedicated person to report two, alongside two other people who I spent most of the time at the experience with. When I was with a different team, they always supported me as my dedicated tutor (as such). The support given was useful, and I never felt confused or at loss at what to do.


4. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and information you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

The skills which I learned at the work experience were invaluable to me, as the experience have really opened my eyes to exactly what working in an office is like, and the communication skills required to work as a team, as I expected many to be working individually, which is very wrong.


The Organisation

5. How well structured was the insight?

This was the weak part of the experience, as much of the talks and experience were planned only a few days in advance, however the typical work I was doing within the team seemed very well structured and simple, whilst also being interesting and something different day in day out.


6. How was the general atmosphere during your insight?

Overall, I felt the whole experience was very interesting, with the community at the office as a whole being very kind and helpful for any questions I had, along with having a bit of joke at times. I was quite sad to leave in the end as I had met so many different people.


7. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

As a whole, the company allowed me to work with the team I was quite interested in for most of the experience (TechOps team), and allowed me to work with a member of the development team (my biggest interested) for a day. I would say that they made sure this was tailored towards the skills I was looking for.


8. To what extent did the insight help you to understand what it would be like to have a full time role with the company or firm?

The insight has definitely opened my eyes up to what an office job truly is, as the expectation was very different from the reality. The experience has allowed me to make a more informed decision in to the future about the job I would like to do, all thanks to the experience.


9. How much did the insight help you in understanding the company culture?

I was able to see the company culture, which was to help everyone where possible and not leave anyone behind. They had many unique new ideas, such as small groups where different people from teams would join together to help them all improve on something specific. The very helpful people at the building really opened my eyes.


10. How valuable was the content in helping you to decide on your future career path?

In the end, my expectations were far from the reality, and it has definitely helped me see what I would like to do as my future career. Without this experience, I do not think I would have come to the same conclusions that I have ended up in deciding for my future career.


Other Information

11. Were you paid or reimbursed adequately for this experience?

I was not paid or reimbursed for any expenses, including travel and food. However, there was a canteen on-site that provided food and drink, and therefore this minimised any need to travel off-site for anything additional. All experience at the company is unpaid, and therefore I knew what I was expecting.

12. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees of the company or firm?

I was given an opportunity to meet some more members of the Human Resources team in a training program that had running, however I declined this in the end. I did not have any future opportunities, however I do not doubt that this was due to me declining the original offer, that was very generous.


13. How were the networking/ social event opportunities?

I cannot comment on the networking or social event opportunities as I did not take part in any of them. So long as you accept the original invitation (if you are invited), the event does sound interesting and a way of better meeting those who work in the office and company as a whole.


14. Did you find out about activities that employees can get involved in outside of work?

I did find out about multiple of the programs the company runs, along with many different interests and hobbies that the various employees were interested in and took part in with other work colleagues. I did not visit any of these with them, however I was invited to do so if I liked.


15. Would you recommend this insight to a friend?

I would recommend this insight to anyone, as the business was especially friendly and interesting, and the people there have definitely helped me understand what I would like to do in the future. Everyone was welcoming, the experience is different from others and is definitely an eye opener for anyone who has never visited a head office.