Lettings Assistant at Savills

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Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)
London Greater London
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Less than £ 10,000
Property/Real Estate

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About You

Role Description

Assisting lettings negotiators on a Saturday.

1. To what extent did you enjoy the insight?

I had a really good week! I would definitely recommend for other first years to apply.


2. To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?

I felt that the tasks given genuinely assisted the team and I could see how my work went to good use. I gained some good feedback from my team and felt valued.


3. How much guidance/support did you receive during the insight?

I was paired with a mentor who oversaw my week in the team. It was great to have a graduate mentor who was recently in my position!


4. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and information you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

I could definitely see how the content learnt on my course at university resonated with being in a property firm. It was great being able to combine theory learnt with practical work. The work I was involved in will definitely assist with my course.


The Organisation

5. How well structured was the insight?

The insight week was planned well. Planned events took place on most days ranging from departmental talks, networking lunches and social drinks.


6. How was the general atmosphere during your insight?

The atmosphere was good. I was able to meet other university students studying property related degrees. I made some useful contacts!


7. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

They set up several departmental talks and networking events with other professionals including directors in the business. This was a great opportunity and an investment in potential future graduates.


8. To what extent did the insight help you to understand what it would be like to have a full time role with the company or firm?

I was able to get an insight of what the day to day role of a graduate in valuation would be like.


9. How much did the insight help you in understanding the company culture?

There’s always a social event going on whether it be with clients or your team!!


10. How valuable was the content in helping you to decide on your future career path?

The only downside is that it is hard to gain an insight of all the various service lines provided within the space of a week. Therefore, it was hard to decide which specific route I would like to pursue.


Other Information

11. Were you paid or reimbursed adequately for this experience?

12. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees of the company or firm?

Yes. Networking drinks were held and a networking lunch, in addition to the departmental talks about different areas of the business.


13. How were the networking/ social event opportunities?


14. Did you find out about activities that employees can get involved in outside of work?


15. Would you recommend this insight to a friend?