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Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)
Reading South East
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About You

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Audit Vacation Intern

1. To what extent did you enjoy the insight?

I really enjoyed the experience of seeing what it was like to work at a big four. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other interns during the KPMG values induction day in Birmingham on the first day of our internship as it really helped see the kind of graduates I could be working with and everyone from KPMG was very friendly during that day.


2. To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?

It was difficult at first to feel as though I was making a difference to the managers I worked with, as I had no experience of accounting beforehand, as I am doing economics at university and therefore didn't even know the basics. However, after the first week I realised that the work I was doing was helpful for them, even if they were basic tasks.


3. How much guidance/support did you receive during the insight?

Throughout my time working at KPMG, all my managers and colleagues were very helpful with giving me guidance especially when I was unsure, as I have never done anything like this before. They all took time out of their schedules to go through things with me and help me understand why we went through the process as we did, which really improved my understanding of audit.


4. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and information you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

I learnt a lot of Excel skills that I have not used before, which I will definitely be using in my last year at university, and in my graduate job. I also learnt about flowcharting, which could be really useful for me while I write my dissertation, as it shows the process a lot clearer.


The Organisation

5. How well structured was the insight?

The induction day went really well and was well structured, with breaks throughout the day and I learnt a lot. I think it was difficult at first, as I wasn't sure what jobs I was working on and the clients I would be working with, however throughout the four weeks it became clearer.


6. How was the general atmosphere during your insight?

The environment in the office was really welcoming and friendly, with everyone being so helpful. During the four weeks I went to month end drinks and that was really fun to get to know my managers and colleagues on a more informal level. That definitely helped then in the workplace the following weeks.


7. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

They invested a lot during the four weeks, which is why it was so motivating as I wanted to give back to them and prove it was worth it.


8. To what extent did the insight help you to understand what it would be like to have a full time role with the company or firm?

Working there for four weeks helped get a true insight into the work environment and what it is like on a day-to-day basis to work there. I am very glad I went as I now know that I want to work for them and continue to grow my network with people working there.


9. How much did the insight help you in understanding the company culture?

It gave a lot of insight into the culture, and has made me realise that KPMG is a great company to work for.


10. How valuable was the content of the day in helping you to decide on your future career path?

The vacation scheme made me realise that this is what I want to do in my career and has given me extra motivation to do well in my final year at university. It also gave me a chance to ask any questions I had about the ACA, which has also helped a lot.


Other Information

11. Were you paid or reimbursed adequately for this experience?

We were paid and also reimbursed with any expenses.

12. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees of the company or firm?

We had a month end drinks occur during the four weeks, in which we got to go to a cocktail bar and talk to other members of the office we had not worked with. I was also able to get closer to members of my team, which helped the weeks after as I knew them better.


13. How were the networking/ social event opportunities?

There were plenty of networking events during the four weeks, which isn't long but we were able to network with the other interns during the induction day at the start of the scheme. We also had an evening with the interns from the Bristol office, which was good as we could catch up with how they were doing.


14. Did you find out about activities that employees can get involved in outside of work?

I learnt a lot during the Launchpad day about the activities that employees can get involved with outside of work, and in KPMG there are plenty of activities you can do. I was able to ask questions to the graduates about what they do and how often, which was really useful.


15. Would you recommend this insight to a friend?

I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of going into audit, as KPMG is a great firm to work for. It was great to do this vacation scheme as it really highlighted that I want to do this in the future, handy for if you have no experience in the field.