Summer Technology Intern at Credit Suisse

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Internship (1-4 Months)
Canary Wharf Central London and City
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Business Management Information Technology

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The Role



The Role

1. To what extent did you enjoy your work placement or internship?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Credit Suisse. I was given the opportunity to attend numerous events, ranging from networking to after work drinks, which made my experience enjoyable while being given the chance to implement my skills into the real world. I would highly recommend for people to apply here.


2. To what extent did you feel valued by your colleagues?

I was welcomed into the team and given support and guidance from my colleagues and people outside the team. They made me feel valued by assigning me tasks and responsibilities that would contribute to making positive changes within the division and the bank for the long term, rather than assigning work for the sake of it.


3. To what extent were you given support and guidance by management/your supervisor(s)?

My Managers gave me a thorough explanation of my tasks before I had started. In addition, I had daily updates to check I was on the right track and completion would not be a problem. If I had an issues I was able to easily talk to my Manager and be given support and guidance.


4. How busy were you on a daily basis?

I had a very good work life balance during my 10 week internship. I was given enough tasks and responsibilities to have work to do everyday, which added value, rather than having tasks given simply to have something to do. Credit Suisse's culture emphasis the importance of work life balance so I knew I would have a reasonable amount of work during my time here.


5. How much responsibility were you given during your placement?

Due to my role, I was given adequate responsibility to fulfill my role. This involved coordinating aspects of projects to end completion and making sure that tasks were completed on time. As an intern, I believe that I was given more than enough responsibility to feel valued and make a difference.


6. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and training you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

The main skill I have gained from this internship, is the importance of balancing work life properly. This means having efficient time management to get tasks completed without the correct time span. Also I attended a public speaking workshop which helped me develop speaking to a large group of people while still remaining confident.


The Organisation

7. What was the general atmosphere in your office?

There was always a commitment to excellence. They strive to be the best and to deliver top-quality products and services. They take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Everyone communicates in a an open and honest manner, solving difficulties in a positive way by viewing feedback as an opportunity for growth.


8. How well organised was the overall work placement or internship set up?

The HR Department at Credit Suisse is definitely one of the best I have communicated with. Throughout my Internship I was given prior notice for events, as well as reminders too. Before I started, I was given prior knowledge on what to expect in my first week. On my first day, I was again told how my Internship would span out.


9. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

I was given the opportunity to attend a public speaking workshop. This helped me to develop my skills in speaking to a large group of people. In addition, I was able to speak to people in senior positions to find out more about career progression at Credit Suisse and how I can develop to get to these stages.


10. What were the perks on your work placement?

  • Subsidised Canteen
  • Sports and Social Club
  • Financial Bonus
  • Company Parties/Events

11. How appealing are future employment prospects within the organisation?

After speaking to a number of people, all in different roles, I have decided that if I was offered a graduate program here I would definitely take it. This is due to the emphasis on the work life balance as well as the welcoming culture here which I have not come across in other investment banks.



12. Was there a good social scene amongst any fellow placement students/colleagues?

The other interns helped towards making my Internship sociable and enjoyable. We had after work events, as well as catching up on a day to day basis, helping to strengthen the bond. Also, I had communication with interns from other divisions, which meant that I came across a number of sociable events to attend.


13. What was the cost of living and socialising in the area you worked in?


14. What was the Nightlife like in the area you worked?


15. Were there many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of work?