Technology Consulting Analyst at Accenture

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Placement (5-9 Months)
London Central London and City
Review Date
£20,000 - £21,999
Business Intelligence Consumer Products/FMCG E-Business

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The Role



The Role

Role Description

Assigned to a number of projects across a number of industries. Conducting a variety of roles and tasks to deliver value to the Client's business.

1. To what extent did you enjoy your work placement or internship?

Very impressed with the placement as a whole. A very professional induction week and a great variety of work once assigned to a project. People were great, very friendly and keen to see you develop and progress.


2. To what extent did you feel valued by your colleagues?

Worked with a number of great teams who have all valued my contributions highly. Colleagues are constantly praising for good work.


3. To what extent were you given support and guidance by management/your supervisor(s)?

I had regular meetings with my direct line manager (weekly 15-min catch up) where I could discuss anything. Initial support during the early stages of the project was great and allowed me to find my feet quickly.


4. How busy were you on a daily basis?

Swings in roundabouts - leaving at 5:30 was common but there were also days when I worked into the night. Got a lot busier as deadlines approached but that was expected.


5. How much responsibility were you given during your placement?

A lot of responsibility and autonomy. Numerous opportunities to express my creativity and put my own spin on a bit of work. I owned particular areas that fed into the wider project.


6. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and training you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

Work experience is always invaluable. With regards to the placement specifically, my ability to network in a professional environment has come on leaps and bounds as it is a very important aspect of the Consulting industry. I feel that I have learnt a number of things that will certainly benefit my degree studies and early parts of my career.


The Organisation

7. What was the general atmosphere in your office?

Once again, quite varied. I was based out of Floor 7 which has a slightly more corporate feel to it. However, everyone was very friendly and there would always be time to grab a coffee. I spent a lot of time on Floor 4 (the creative floor) which resembles the Google offices - very funky and fun. The vibe on this floor was a lot more casual - people chatting a lot more - a lot more open and collaborative.


8. How well organised was the overall work placement or internship set up?

Extremely impressed with the quality of the internship - It ran like clockwork. When we arrived, we were immediately given everything we needed and by the end of our first week, we had been assigned to projects. Have been issue free for the entire 6 months.


9. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

Lots of training, charity days, 'on the side' opportunities etc. Very much a learn by doing/experiencing culture, which I would much rather. Had an extensive full-day excel masterclass which has proved very useful.


10. What were the perks on your work placement?

  • Subsidised Canteen
  • Sports and Social Club
  • Subsidised/Company Gym
  • Company Parties/Events
  • Above 25 days holiday
  • Working from home

11. How appealing are future employment prospects within the organisation?

Very appealing - I will be accepting a job with Accenture (if all goes to plan) and will return in 2019 upon graduation.



12. Was there a good social scene amongst any fellow placement students/colleagues?

Slightly biased as there are over 30 interns from my university. We met up regularly for pints/food after work.


13. What was the cost of living and socialising in the area you worked in?

Expensive but nothing out of the ordinary for London. Could still have a cheaper night out if you started in Simmons and made it to Dirty Martini before happy-hour finished.


14. What was the Nightlife like in the area you worked?

City is awesome - some cracking bars nearby and Shoreditch/Hoxton only a short Uber away.


15. Were there many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of work?

SO MANY opportunities - didn't get that involved as I have a lot of commitments outside of work. But there is literally a society/club for everything!