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About You

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Took part in the RBC Spring insight day, 2016.

1. To what extent did you enjoy the insight?

The insight day at RBC is a very enjoyable and useful experience for any first year wishing to learn more about the banking sector and the professional workplace in general. The employees were friendly and open to questions throughout the day and it was a great way to meet students from other universities with similar interests and goals.


2. To what extent did you feel valued during your time at the company or firm?

As there was a relatively small group of participants each of us had the time and opportunity to ask questions or have conversations with employees during the networking break. Further to this RBC have kept us in the loop in terms of further opportunities therefore making us feel valued and part of the setup.


3. How much guidance/support did you receive during the insight?

As the day progressed we met and learnt from employees from a variety of departments meaning that people who held an interest in specific areas were able to learn about them whereas others with less knowledge were exposed to new information that could help them form a better idea of what they wanted to do. Further to this we were offered guidance on applications and next steps which really helped to give the day a focus and motivational element.


4. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and information you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

Even though the insight day was primarily aimed at learning more about RBC and the financial sector, we were also given the opportunity to present on relevant market case studies and gain vital commercial awareness skills. I believe that this experience will definitely help me in future interviews and the transferrable skills will help me with things such as presentations at university.


The Organisation

5. How well structured was the insight?

The insight had a very packed yet tight schedule which also accounted for tea/coffee and lunch breaks to keep us fresh. The whole day had a purposeful feel about it and the activities and presentations were arranged in such a way that they remained stimulating. Overall the day was well organised and allowed us to maximise our learning from it.


6. How was the general atmosphere during your insight?

The atmosphere felt vibrant and friendly. We were taken on a tour around the trading floor as part of the insight and you could definitely tell that even though people were working hard, everyone was communicating and there seemed to be a very productive and team-based feel to the whole office.


7. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

RBC definitely invested time and effort into making the insight day as useful as possible. They have also shown an intent to allow us to progress further with the company through ambassador roles and internship opportunities.


8. To what extent did the insight help you to understand what it would be like to have a full time role with the company or firm?

The insight provided me with my first in-person experience of what it may be like to work in a professional banking environment. Both through the tour of the trading floor and by speaking to employees first hand, I gained a much better insight on the day to day life of employees than I ever could by reading or researching companies online.


9. How much did the insight help you in understanding the company culture?


10. How valuable was the content in helping you to decide on your future career path?

Before the insight I knew that I had an interest in how companies and markets work, but only vague ideas of the kind of departments in a bank and what each did. I left the insight with specific areas of interest in mind, with contacts who I could email to ask questions, and a clear idea of what I needed to do to progress towards further internship opportunities, so In summary, extremely valuable.


Other Information

11. Were you paid or reimbursed adequately for this experience?

The company offered full re-imbursement for any travel expenses and provided free food and drinks at lunch as well as on breaks throughout the day.

12. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees of the company or firm?

At the end of the day we were invited to come and have tea and coffee with a variety of employees, this allowed us to ask questions and speak with several members of different departmnents in a pressure free, informal environment. This was a very useful opportunity as I was able to gain contacts not only within the bank but also among other students who held similar interests.


13. How were the networking/ social event opportunities?


14. Did you find out about activities that employees can get involved in outside of work?


15. Would you recommend this insight to a friend?

The short answer is absolutely. The insight day packed so much information into a relatively small period of time, the fact that it was only a day also meant that it didn't interrupt my studies while still offering good development, networking opportunities and a focus on next steps. It allowed a first hand experience of what its like to work at RBC and offered exposure to a variety of employees who were all happy to help and answer questions. This opportunity is invaluable for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and career horizon.