Intern Project Coordinator at GE (General Electric)

Placement Year (10 Months+)
Loughborough East Midlands
Review Date
£16,000 - £17,999
Administration/Secretarial Aeronautical Engineering Aerospace/Aviation


The Role



The Role

Role Description

Project manager for several projects, overseeing work done by the team, planning how resources will be used, being the point of contact with the customer, working with production to identify issues and (if possible) help to get them resolved. Working with the sales team to identify new project opportunities and reviewing with the team.

1. To what extent did you enjoy your work placement or internship?

Not quite what I expected, less technical role than I was hoping to get, but still picked up a number of skills in project management, organisation etc.


2. To what extent did you feel valued by your colleagues?

Got on well with all people in the office, and found that it was easy to get support form others when needed.


3. To what extent were you given support and guidance by management/your supervisor(s)?

Again good support from my manager, who would always suggest people it might be good to talk to for certain problems/issues. I always felt as though I could talk to my manager if I needed to.


4. How busy were you on a daily basis?

Varied due to the nature of the projects I was managing. Sometimes I would be orchestrating the work and planning tasks in for members of the team and actively coordinating those type of things, other times it would be not doing a lot whilst the team were doing the work I had asked to be done.


5. How much responsibility were you given during your placement?

Frequently put onto calls with customers where I was the only GE representative, so pressure to hold my own and be able to deal with some difficult questions and not give too much away where appropriate. Also dealt with a large number of visiting customers on my own, looking after them, answering their questions and getting support for this where necessary.


6. To what extent did/will the skills you developed, and training you received, assist you in your degree studies and beyond?

Helped me in my organisation and communication a fair amount. Also given me a good idea of how an aerospace supply chain works, documents involved etc. I also managed to get some introductory Six Sigma training which was interesting, as well as being involved in the Intern's FSP (Further Skills Program) which was a chance for the interns to do some group and individual work with the aim of developing us further.


The Organisation

7. What was the general atmosphere in your office?

Friendly, positive environment to work in.


8. How well organised was the overall work placement or internship set up?

Could have been better organised in my opinion. It took me a while to find my feet as I wasn't fortunate to have a very long handover from the previous intern. I didn't have a major project to work on, more a collection of smaller projects, which made writing my dissertation a bit different to the norm.


9. In terms of personal training and development, to what extent did the company or firm invest in you?

Minimal investment, but I did manage to get some experience of Six Sigma material, as well as the obligatory training on spirit and letter, health and safety etc.


10. What were the perks on your work placement?

  • Flexi Time
  • Subsidised Canteen
  • Sports and Social Club
  • Subsidised/Company Gym
  • Above 25 days holiday
  • Healthcare/Dental

11. How appealing are future employment prospects within the organisation?

I am very interested in applying for the Operations Management Leadership Program, which is one of GE's graduate schemes and seems to be a very good program to get onto. As for being offered a job with GE, this isn't something they normally do, so I wasn't expecting this to be the case.



12. Was there a good social scene amongst any fellow placement students/colleagues?

I didn't really get on that well with most of the other placement students , but they did try and organise meals and a couple of nights out which was nice to be invited to.


13. What was the cost of living and socialising in the area you worked in?

Not the social life I'm used to as most of my friends were on placement this year, so fewer people around to hang out with (I stayed in the same area I did for University). The upshot of this was that the cost of living wasn't too bad.


14. What was the Nightlife like in the area you worked?

Good nightlife as I'm already very familiar with all the bars and clubs in Loughborough.


15. Were there many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of work?

Only one opportunity to volunteer at Cheltenham Science festival, which I didn't want to do. Apart from that nothing else springs to mind.