Virtual Experience Programme

by Linklaters

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Deadline: Ongoing
Salary: Free
Length: Virtual Experience
Roles: Legal/Law
Location: Nationwide, Europe, Rest of the World

Virtual Experience Programme

Take this free virtual opportunity to upskill yourself get a true feel of what it’s like to work at Linklaters.

Discover what it’s like to work at a truly innovative, global, commercial law firm.

Why join this virtual experience programme?

In our rapidly changing world, our clients, and our own people, expect us to keep evolving to stay a step ahead. So we're innovative and entrepreneurial, and it's this mindset that's led us to set legal precedents. We seek out ways to do things differently, and we embrace new ideas, tools and technology.

With this mindset, we are proud to share an insight on what it's like to work at Linklaters through the Linklaters Virtual Programme – the first of its kind among law firms in the UK.

In this programme, you will get to sample the cutting-edge work our trainees and lawyers do every day. You will get to build legal skills and better understand what a career at Linklaters offers.

Our programme is open to all students, from a law or non-law background. The tasks we have created move through the lifecycle of a deal. We therefore recommend completing each task in order from 1 to 7!

Great change is here, and we can help you to make sure you’re ready.

Benefits of this Virtual Programme

Earn a Certificate
When you complete the Virtual Programme, you’ll earn a personalised completion certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Learn direct from Linklaters
This Virtual Programme has been created by leaders at Linklaters. You’ll receive instructions from the Linklaters team and compare your work with real model solutions from Linklaters.

Gain real work experience
Throughout the Virtual Programme, you’ll develop deep insights into what it is actually like to work at Linklaters.

Do it in your own time
Fit the Virtual Programme in with your busy schedule. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals.

Make your CV and LinkedIn stand out
You’ll be able to include this experience on your CV and Linkedin profile. Demonstrate that you’re ambitious, hardworking and have developed valuable practical skills.

Set yourself up for success
No more applying for jobs without knowing what the role involves. Build the confidence and practical skills that employers are looking for.

What will you do in this Virtual Programme?

Business Development
Help our team pitch to a consortium of banks as they look to engage legal advisors for a complex fintech acquisition. Aim to spend approx. 1.5 hours on this task.

Project Management
Help brief the wider Linklaters team on the transaction and the due diligence process. Aim to spend approx. 45 minutes on this task.

Firm Teamwork
Find specialist support to assist with the drafting of a dispute resolution clause in a shareholders' agreement. Aim to spend approx. 45 minutes on this task.

Using AI in Law
Leverage AI to help expedite (and improve the quality of) our legal advice during the due diligence process. Aim to spend approx. 45 minutes on this task.

Legal Research
Help advise our client on whether they can use e-signing technology when executing the share purchase agreement. Aim to spend approx. 45 minutes on this task.

Resource and Business Management
Liaise with our client to update them on the fee progress of the matter. Aim to spend approx. 30 minutes on this task.

Communicating to Clients
Leave a voicemail to our client explaining how to complete post-completion tasks. Aim to spend approx. 45 minutes on this task.

This programme is self-paced. It takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.

About Linklaters

Great change is here. Get ready.

New markets, new technology, new demands. The world is changing at a dramatic pace, presenting businesses with complex challenges. At Linklaters, we offer the market-leading expertise they need to succeed. We are business partners as well as legal advisors. Guided by experts from the world of law and beyond, we are our clients' guide to global trends, and their commercial implications.

How to apply

To apply for this experience and to find out more, please click on the apply button.

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