Marketing Placements at Cummins

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Placement Year (10 Months+)
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30th June 2020
South East
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Cummins is a Top Employer
“The biggest surprise to me was the level of responsibility and value placed upon my work. I was accepted as a 'full' member of the team and certainly not just a student brought in for cheap labour and to make the coffees…” - Read full review

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Marketing Placements

Marketing employees get a wide range of opportunities to leverage their creativity and market-savvy skills: such as planning new product rollouts, launching a communication campaign, interacting with internal and external customers, and having impromptu projects. You might help plan new product rollouts in our Marketing Strategy and Research department. You'll also be exposed to Marketing Communication, Channel Development and Management, Field Sales, Product Planning and Management, and Account Management.

You’ll develop relationships with clients, analyse marketing trends and assisnt in the implementation of business strategies.

  • Assist with developing communication plans and integrating communication methods to present one seamless message to the customer
  • Support customer needs through planning, coordinating and implementing activities between the customer and Cummins
  • Assist with implementing data-based pricing strategies that support business objectives
  • Assist with setting strategic direction for the market or organization to establish the competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Assisting with the communications strategy to increase awareness, enthusiasm, and participation in the functional excellence program.
  • Maintaining updates and accuracy of information documented in functional databases, websites, etc.
  • Assists with management of assigned projects.
  • Provides project management support and communicates plans, deadlines, and achievements to project team members.

About Cummins

Cummins are global leaders in the clean engine, power generation, turbocharging and emissions solutions markets.

With manufacturing plants in 14 countries, 62,000 employees, turnover of $22 billion in 2018, you would be joining an organisation that offers flexible career paths and opportunities on a global basis.

Key markets are off-highway vehicles, industrial equipment and power generation. In addition, Cummins provides turbochargers for the automotive sector, along with filtration and acoustic systems, natural-gas engines, engine components and electronic systems. Cummins engine installations vary from the world’s highest altitude rail vehicles in the mountains of Tibet to some of the biggest mine trucks around the world.

Today, innovation is just as critical to our success as it was in the early days of our Company. With our mature market emissions near zero, our focus now is on improving product efficiency and understanding our customers’ needs better than anyone else through the development of strong partnerships.

What makes Cummins different is the way in which we take the time to understand our customers and then exceed their expectations by always being the first to market with the best products. The other advantage Cummins has over the competition is that we produce and supply superior integrated power systems, making us a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs.

Understanding our customers’ needs before they do and applying the creative ingenuity to make us better, faster, first, is the key to our future success in an increasingly competitive environment.

With "Innovation You Can Depend On" Cummins will see the future first and beat our competition to it.

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