Undergraduate Student Placements at Lubrizol

Placement Year (10 Months+)
Application Deadline
10th January 2019
East Midlands North West
Blackley, Manchester & Hazelwood, Derbyshire
Salary Band
£18,000 - £19,999
Role May Involve
Business Management Information Technology Mechanical Engineering Science/Research

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Undergraduate Student Placements

Science and Research Placements, Derby

Here at Lubrizol we have placement opportunities in our Component Science, Applied and Strategic Research and Blend Test Services teams.

As a student Chemist with us, you will be using your creativity and problem-solving skills to discover new and exciting chemistry or creating a diverse set of physical and analytical chemistry tests to evaluate our products.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories will provide you with the facilities to develop your practical chemistry knowledge whilst learning new skills from working with our industry experts.

Science and Research Placements, Manchester

Our Manchester site, Blackley, home to our Advanced Materials research and development centre in the UK offers lab based roles within our Performance Coatings Group. These are Research and Process Technology Chemist, Applications Chemist and Scientist in Paper and Textiles Applications. You could be working on the development, manufacturing and performance testing of new paints, inks or plastics using novel dispersants or be involved with saturating or coating substrates with experimental formulations, then evaluating physical and chemical properties.

Regulatory Chemical Compliance Placements

The Regulatory Chemical Compliance Placement is a non-laboratory based role that assists in Lubrizol’s commitment to the health, safety and environmental aspects of our chemistries.

During your year with us, you will be part of a team focused on providing this regulatory support across our entire business portfolio and you will use your scientific background and training to undertake real life projects.

Engineering Placements

The European Test Facility develops and tests additives for fuels and lubricants for the Automotive Industry. Heavy Duty and Passenger Car engines are tested, and transmissions and bespoke test rigs are run to determine the performance and durability of these additive packages. We have opportunities in our Mechanical Engineering, Engine Testing, Field Test Engineering and Electrical Control and Instrumentation Engineering teams.

We also offer a Tribology Engineering placement, working primarily on testing lubricants that reduce the negative impact of friction and wear between two working components within engines.

Business Support Placements

Hazelwood is home to Lubrizol’s business support functions in the UK, where we have placement opportunities including Human Resources, Purchasing, Global Communications and Business and Marketing Support.

You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in a mix of day-to-day activities and specialist projects across a wide range of business functions. You’ll be working with talented teams using advanced and innovative technologies to support the business both locally and globally.

Information Solutions Placements

Our Information Solutions department provides IT support to the global organisation to help maximise business productivity. There are two placement opportunities available in this department; IT Solutions Centre and IT Applications Developer.

As a student working within the solutions centre, you will use your creativity and problem-solving skills to support the business, whilst also working as a team member on technical projects utilising a diverse range of technologies. The Applications Developer role represents an opportunity to work in a small group developing custom applications for chemists and engineers whilst also being involved in a variety of projects.

At Lubrizol we have a range of placement opportunities available across a number of different disciplines.

About Lubrizol

At Lubrizol, we understand there is always an opportunity to be better. We are deeply committed to working with our customers to develop and deliver solutions that improve everyday experiences, and, ultimately, improve lives. We continue to strive towards understanding the wants and needs of customers and through better collaboration, chemistry, testing and processes, deliver the right innovation to meet those needs. We have approximately 9000 employees worldwide and deliver to over 100 different countries, with offices globally.

We know that Lubrizol isn’t a common household name, so it might surprise you that our products and technologies are in things that you use every day, such as fluids in the vehicles you drive or everyday shampoos and medicines to clothing and even electronic devices throughout your home.

Our people really make the difference.

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