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Architecture Placement in China at China Internship Placements

Placement (5-9 Months) Placement Year (10 Months+)
Application Deadline
Beijing, Shanghai, Shanzhen, Guangzhou
Role May Involve

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China Internship Placements

Join our Internship in China Program with mentoring, coaching and get networked for the future. Spend your time working with Senior Associates on ground breaking projects. Our Interns also learn Chinese language while interning in China with a very flexible study options

About Your Host Company

The Host Company is a team of talented unique architects, standing for creative and innovative young architecture. As a result of professional design and commitment to standards, the have been able to bring alive several old mansions with preservation of history as agenda. Multinational cultural backgrounds bring a positive impact on our broad view concerning urbanism and architecture. Broad experiences and architectural practices in Italy, Germany and China help us to provide a comprehensive design. That ranges from large to small scale: urban planning, architecture, landscape, interior and product design. Our target is to recognize how our work influence and affect the surrounding environment, by focusing on finding an integrated solution of most innovative urban and architecture design.

They have an International standard architecture design studio based in Shenzhen and Shanghai in China, with an associated office in Torino, Italy. Our integrated practice is a highly collaborative platform, focused on architecture, urbanism and design. Promoting a global perspective towards design, we emphasize a dynamic studio process to engender innovative and relevant architecture and urbanism. We currently have a wide range of projects providing front-end design opportunities for talented individuals.

The company has just completed a huge merge and is undertaking a major restructuring which has a lot of opportunities for young people who are willing to work hard with diligence

We seek to recruit talented, highly motivated, creative individuals passionate about architecture and design for various positions in our young multi-cultural team.

Architecture Placement in China

We are looking for Trainees who will participate as a full team member in our projects. The internship should be for a minimum of 6 months. In our office students are considered as full team members and have similar roles and opportunities to our employees. Both creative input and solid work production is what we ask from our trainees. The better the work, the more the student is allowed to do.


  • Having studied at accredited architecture schools not less than 4 semesters, preferably some internship work experience in other architectural firms
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Good knowledge of AutoCAD and Adobe software, preferably some work experience with Rhino
  • 3D modeling experience is a plus
  • Applications (digital) should include a cover letter, Work portfolio (designs, technical drawings) and CV (including personal data, education background, experience, language skills and software knowledge). Give us an as broad as possible overview of your experience and knowledge. The application documents should be in PDF format less than 10M and we do not accept online portfolio links.

What to expect

A challenging position; An independent young and international work environment; An opportunity to make a significant contribution to the success of design.

Working Hours: 30 to 40 Hours A week
Remuneration & Salary: Benefits Similar to an Employee
Job Details: Allocated According to Technical Abilities.

What we CIP have to offer you:

  • Interns will participate in ground breaking projects as being part of the world’s leading professional Consulting service Network full of opportunities in the area of Architecture and Design.
  • Our scale, coupled with diversified and quality client base enable participants to get the best career opportunities for growth.
  • The principle of career progression offers a more formal approach to learning, development and transformation. This puts participants in the seat to driving their own career development.
  • Get the feel of what it takes to work in a changing world which offers great opportunities for Young people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Guided Tours & Travel, volunteering programs and social activities are in built to give maximum exposure and immersion into the Chinese culture
  • Our partner Language Schools have in place flexible arrangements to tutor our Internship participants in Chinese language Speaking, reading and writing. Join other expat from embassies, foreign missions and Multinational Organizations in the process.


  1. Expectations of the intern is recorded at start of program,
  2. Milestones will be established on monthly basis
  3. Supervisors and mentors allocated
  4. Evaluations and suggestions taken at every milestone
  5. Midway through the project, expectations will be adjusted or maintained
  6. And a final report and evaluation of performance issued at close of the internship

How to apply

To apply for this role and to find out more, please click on the apply button below.