At a Glance: the Property & Real Estate Industry

More than half of employers involved in construction contracting are on the hunt for talented undergraduates to fill professional or associate professional vacancies in the industry.

“The property construction industry contributes £90 billion to the United Kingdom’s economy.”

The sector is vast and needs people who can work in planning, design, construction, acquisitions and development roles, among others.

At a Glance: the Property & Real Estate Industry

Build up your experience

With 3,000 students expected to apply for 500 graduate roles in London – six for every single job – work experience really can make all the difference.

“The UK's property construction sector supports nearly three million jobs and more than 280,000 companies.”

Completing a course accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors will give you a leg up when it comes to applying for work experience schemes,

If you’re interested in developing a career in property, do your research in order to find out which companies are offering schemes for bright young undergraduates.

You'll find that climbing the ladder when it comes to graduate jobs will come a little more easily with a completed scheme under your belt.

Lay foundations for success

Work experience schemes, such as placements and internships, will not only help you develop your skills through practical workshops and projects, but also through lectures and meetings with mentors.

“The supply chain for the construction industry is largely UK-centric, with 90% of every £1 spent staying in the country. ”

Doing well on work experience can boost your chances of being accepted onto a company’s graduate scheme, after which you can progress your career and potentially become a specialist in a particular area, like retail and leisure development.

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