Ways to Survive and Thrive on Fashion Work Experience

  • Posted On: 16th Aug 2014
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If the fashion world was a cake, then it would be cut into many different slices.

Making up this designer dessert would be areas like illustration, production, textiles, marketing, PR, journalism and retail.

To find a job in fashion and career opportunities you really need to have an interest in the industry and a passion to work in the sector, but each role also requires people with diverse skills.

Ways to Survive and Thrive on Fashion Work Experience

For example, to work in a design and illustration position you’ll need to be particularly creative and able to dazzle with software like Photoshop, while to perform well in marketing fashion jobs in London or public relations you’ll need to be able to organise events and photo shoots at the drop of a Philip Treacy hat.

Fashion work experience opportunities

Many companies offer openings for young people who are interested in learning more about working in fashion specifically, or those who just want to gain exposure to real working environments.

While there are many distinct parts of the fashion world, the rules of how to impress are often the same. How can you survive and thrive while on a placement or internship in the big bad fashion world? Here are RMP’s top tips:

1. Be happy to do the little things

Interning with a company involved in the fashion sector, whether that’s a knitwear designer or magazine publisher, will throw up some great opportunities to dive into projects, but remember that you’re also a small fish in a big, busy pond.

“You only get so many chances to undertake work experience schemes, so make the most of them”

This means you must be more than willing to chip in with anything and everything, like answering phones, fetching and sending letters, working with couriers and, of course, making cuppas.

Showing your willingness to get stuck in can help you make a great impression – at the very least it will prevent you from making a bad impression by not lending a hand.

2. Know what you want to do in fashion

If you have a good idea about what it is that you want to do in the fashion world, you should try your best to secure a placement or internship in that area.

For instance if you want to gain work experience as a buyer, aim to intern with a company like ASOS, John Lewis or George. If you’re a first year university student then a shorter insight scheme might be best, as these offer a snapshot of what the industry is like.

Ways to Survive and Thrive on Fashion Work Experience

To work as a fashion journalist covering the latest events and goss, explore the option of securing work experience with a magazine or newspaper. Having a clear idea and focus about what it is you want to do will impress any potential employer. Find out more about which companies have openings and potential career paths by attending fashion career fairs.

3. Explore the company and get to know everyone

You only get so many chances to undertake work experience schemes, so make the most of them!

Take any chance you can to become involved in projects. Ask your colleagues if they need a hand with anything, or if there’s any work you can take on. Offer to join different departments.

At the very least this will help you meet a lot of people and squeeze every last drop out of your placement. At most it will help you leave a lasting impression on people who count.

4. Be polite. Be helpful. Be on time.

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