At a Glance: the Marketing and Advertising Sector

  • Posted On: 8th Sep 2014
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Recently the popularity of advertising and marketing sector has soared, thanks in part to the overwhelming success of Mad Men.

“Marketing remains a popular choice, with around two-fifths (38%) of top UK employers searching for graduates to fill vacancies”

Even when the sector isn’t the subject of a world-famous TV show, it garners interest from hip young things thanks to its reputation as a cutting-edge industry.

Learning how the sector works at university can take you some of the way, but key to getting ahead in advertising is work experience.

What you’ll learn from work experience

Whether you’re working as a creative, planner or account manager, you’ll quickly learn just how important co-operation and face-to-face communication is.

“Degrees in marketing are among the top ten most studied subjects by undergraduates.”

It’s a sector that thrives on people working together and establishing relationships with clients, while agencies expect you to work on real projects.

Frankly, there’s no better way to learn about the sector than by doing work experience.

Take initiative and get mingling

Many companies, from entertainment producers to banks to technology companies, have marketing teams you could launch your career in, so the earlier you start networking at industry events the better.

At a Glance: the Marketing and Advertising Sector
“In 2012 there were 27,640 students studying marketing across the UK”

That way you can get a feeling for the advertising sector and the people in it, as well as learning about openings, schemes and advertising awards aimed at undergraduates.

If you go on a work experience scheme like a placement or internship you’ll work on client campaigns and gain a feeling for the whole creative process, from pitching for business to brainstorming ideas.

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