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You know us. Or maybe you don’t. But that doesn’t change the fact we’re with you, morning, noon and night. If you have a smartphone, digital camera, digital TV, gaming console or a smart meter at home, you’ve already used an Arm powered product. Our advanced processor designs play a massive part in optimising the performance of 70% of the technology used by the world’s population.

This means we’ve teamed up with almost all the biggest names in tech. Over 35 billion Arm technology-based chips (that’s 125 shipped every second) and the software driving them are in everything from the world’s fastest supercomputer to driverless car controls to revolutionary healthcare equipment. The sheer number of applications is why we’re one of the world’s biggest technology companies. Even if you don’t know our name, over 70% of the global population is using our tech every day.

So, what? What can we give you no one else can? Well, just because you’re joining a business of 7,000 hugely talented people, either starting in one of our sleek and creative UK offices or working from home, to us you’re an individual. We have a ‘we, not I’ mindset in terms of collaboration, but when it comes to your training, development and progression, we have a plan just for you. You can carve out a career as unique as you are, but our mentors will be right there supporting you, even when the world throws us a curveball.

What job roles are on offer?

Part-Time Undergraduate opportunities

Arm employs hundreds of Part-time Undergraduates (who have traditionally been known as “interns”) every year and we believe that they are a vibrant and important part of our community. In the UK, we employ people who are still studying on permanent contracts as Part-time Undergraduates; you’ll perform some project work for us throughout the year, as well as a longer period of full-time employment during the summer holidays. Our aspiration is that you’ll then transfer onto our graduate programme on the completion of your studies.

Progressive Connections

Take part in something that will introduce you to some amazing technologies made possible by Arm. Even better, it will get you thinking about the impact your own ideas can have on the future and it could lead you to more supportive, forward-thinking apprenticeships, internships and graduate roles.

If you’re a student in higher education, this is your chance to gain recognition as an emerging visionary. Pick a Global Goal, get some inspiration from live Arm projects and submit a very brief, but super original technology idea – and we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win some amazing prizes including a Macbook, Drone, Apple Watch and more. Watch your ideas grow as collaborators add to them and connect with other people’s ideas under the different Global Goals to develop them.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Arm. The work assigned to me was reasonably challenging, I was provided with plenty of support, and my co-workers were polite and helpful. I felt very little stress throughout my internship, and was happy to have ga..." Read full review


"I really enjoyed my 11 weeks internship. It has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn new concepts and methods directly on the field, and to gain an insight into how a successful company works. I also made many valuable connections inside the comp..." Read full review

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