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Wiser is an award-winning creative and recruitment agency with a vision to change the way people think about work. We build employer brands to attract amazing people and guide them into their dream career.

Our creatives innovate with design, web, film and marketing to capture what makes companies great. Our recruitment teams introduce the right people to set these companies apart.

We believe that people will do their best work and thrive in life when they're in an environment that enables it. And that's what we've created at Wiser - a culture where everyone can be real and back themselves, surrounded by high performers who love to take ownership and make moves, no matter what their background. Inclusion is at the heart of what we do for our clients and how we are building the world of Wiser.

We were named the Global Creative Agency of the Year by The Drum Awards and were the Times Top 100 Small Company to Work for - truly practicing what we preach.

Our values guide what we stand for and how we act. We live and breathe them in everything we do, so if you resonate with them, you might be Wiser:

  • Be Real - Be yourself when everyone’s watching, there’s no shame here
  • Back Yourself - Believe in your own abilities, confidence is contagious
  • Take Ownership - Take it, make it yours, and be proud of it
  • Make Moves - Use your initiative and act with purpose for everyone’s gain
  • Expect More - Push your potential and inspire excellence in others

Opportunities offered:

  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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