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Future IM/Pact

About Future IM/Pact

Future IM/Pact is an industry initiative aimed at attracting more diverse talent into the investment teams of Australia’s leading super funds and fund managers.

We know that our ability to build high performing teams depends on attracting and valuing diverse talent who bring different perspectives. Our challenge is the majority of our teams remain very Anglo-Celtic and male dominated. When we look to hire people for junior analyst positions - our entry level jobs – the vast majority of candidates are men.

We’re determined to change that reality.

How? We want to help Australia’s best and brightest problem solvers from diverse backgrounds consider how they can impact the world as an investor. Insights and opportunities to get a foot in the door will also be provided.

Our initial focus is on reaching women because their perspectives are most under-represented in our teams.

Opportunities offered:

  • Virtual Experience