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Founded in 2016 and based in Chelsea, London, Pure Biofuel is one of the fastest growing provider of pure wood pellets – a dehydrated and compressed wood fibre which solves needs for energy, animal bedding, cat litter and more.

We are a young company in an extremely fast growing industry with products sold in a variety of industries and customers ranging from large commercial contracts through to supermarket retailers along with other small businesses.

Whether your interests is in energy, heaCng, IT, equine, pets, business management there are plenty of areas to explore and learn about, we deal with a lot of logisCcs, transportaCon, online business and each day will never be the same.

We work in a modern, friendly office with large desk and open space, communal kitchen and areas to relax throughout the day. Our proximity to the main tube staCons of Sloane Square and South Kensington mean a variety of fun and interesCng places on our doorstep.


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"Working for Pure Biofuel has been a great experience! You are welcomed into a team who are friendly and open to teaching you new skills. Plus, the company encourages you to come up with your own plans and ideas, which is highly rewarding once you see them implemented. Having the opportunity to be part of an industry which is growing rapidly, is very exciting as it feels as though you are on the cusp of higher success. Hence it could be YOU who makes the next big step in propelling the company forward, this alone was something I felt my whole time working there, as the growth I and the company experienced in a matter of 10 months was phenomenal. If you are someone who loves new innovation and have a forward thinking mindset, I could not recommend this placement enough. As when you look back and see how far the company has come, you can say 'I was a part of that'." Read full review


"My placement year has been a true pleasure for me. I'm very happy to have this kind of opportunity in my life. The job itself is very interesting and challenging. The tasks were diverse and engaging." Read full review

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