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Medical/Health Science/Research

About GE Healthcare

Health is a universal language. A fundamental truth understood by everyone.

No matter who we are, where we’re from, or where we live, we know what health means, what it looks and feels like, and why it matters so much.

That’s why GE Healthcare creates the products, solutions and services our customers need to deliver the best patient care possible.

Our vision is to be the leading innovator delivering precision health; healthcare that is truly integrated, highly personalized, and reduces waste and inefficiencies. Whether it’s clear imagery that provides confidence or digitally-led solutions that change how healthcare is delivered around the world, we make the complex simple.

We start with the best outcome imaginable and then innovate, collaborate, and build towards our aspirations. Our machines, our software, our solutions, and our people make a genuine difference because we never lose sight of what healthcare really needs – the human touch.

We’re committed to improving lives in moments that matter. Some of those moments are personal. Some are shared. Some are small, and some change lives. We’re privileged to be present for all of them.

GE Healthcare is an extraordinary place to be – for those who embrace challenges and jump on opportunities. Because we do things that matter.

We’re the people who care about the people who care.

We welcome the unknown, see the strength in diversity and the power of passion. Together, we amplify your impact; on your career, the work you do and the world of healthcare.

Now, imagine bringing cutting-edge technology to a healthcare business where your impact could make a life-changing difference to people. At GE Healthcare, we believe that by empowering people like you, anything can be achieved. If you have a passion for turning dreams into reality, we have a place for you here.

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GE Healthcare Latest Reviews

  • Marketing

    Everything I wanted to get out of my placement year I got. I wanted a company that gave me responsibilities which I could then learn from and develop. I also wanted a company with a good culture and an enjoyable social side to it as well. I loved the team I worked for....


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  • Software Engineering Intern

    I thoroughly enjoyed my work placement with General Electric Healthcare as a software engineer. I was given reign to work and lead on a variety of projects, in a diverse and intelligent team. I had the opportunity to develop my soft skills, such as holding meetings and presenting ideas, as well as technical skills....


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    The Company


    The Culture


  • Regulatory Operations EID Intern

    The work a GE Healthcare was highly rewarding, knowing that you were directly impacting patients who were receiving the products produced within the company....


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    The Company


    The Culture


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