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ASMPT is the only supplier in the world that offers its customers solutions for the complete electronics manufacturing chain, from semiconductor solutions to SMT. In our centres of competence all over the world we collect knowledge about the most modern manufacturing methods and test new processes and technologies, so that our process experts can make this know-how available to our customers.

We maintain close relations with leading research institutions and partner companies and have customers all over the globe in all industries. With a long-term and tightly knitted network, we have accumulated a unique treasure trove of knowledge in all areas of electronics production. As one of the world leaders in modern electronics manufacturing, we play an active role in shaping our customers’ future.

For many years we have been the recognised technology leader in the industry; constantly modernising and updating our portfolio of products and services for our customers worldwide. We maintain a strong global presence and adapt to changing requirements. This has enabled us to be the successful #1 in the industry.

We advance our customers’ projects within an agile network with global functions and local responsibilities, yet without a centralized head-quarters. This enables our teams to put the talents, experience, innovative technologies and cultural strengths of the entire global organisation to work to develop new and better answers to the challenges facing our customers.

Working at ASM Assembly Systems in Weymouth’s Printing Solutions Division is a unique experience. We're worldwide, we're not particularly hierarchical and, most importantly, we're a team. In fact, you could say, we're a family - enjoying an informal, friendly corporate culture that you just won't find practised by many technology leaders. We’re exceedingly professional, but we also have an enormous sense of fun that makes working at ASM extremely rewarding. There are no suits and ties here (unless we're meeting customers, when we dress to impress!) and we take pride in the welcoming atmosphere that makes all new recruits feel immediately at home.


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"I enjoyed my placement very much. So much so as I still work there now whilst studying for my final year at Bournemouth University. There was much to learn within the Software Department and being exposed to different areas of the business. The work was i..." Read full review


"We have 2 team meetings each week to keep us updated on new test requests coming in and how we are getting on. We regular receive new projects (sometimes only hardware testing, sometime only software, or both) we propose, review, carry out our testing and..." Read full review

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  • Placement Year (10 Months+)

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