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What made you apply to MBDA UK?

I found out about MBDA UK from an apprentice who was completing the same course as me at University. I then was looking for a Summer Placement in Procurement, which is a very unique role to find, something that MBDA offered, the summer experience offered a chance to find out more about the function that I planned to enter when I finished University. The salary that was offered, and location where both factors which also helped me decide on MBDA.

How much responsibility were you given during your placement / internship?

During my Summer Placement, I was given a huge amount of responsibility which for me was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to run a mini tender for a service MBDA required, work on contracts and manage my own project which was to develop a best practice guide and make this easy to access by the whole department.

What did you enjoy most about your placement / internship?

The Summer Placement provided me with a great level of responsibility and the opportunity to achieve an amazing end result. I was surrounded with friendly, hardworking and lovely people who really made the experience. They were really supportive and gave me many opportunities to learn from them and be involved in other activities, such as being able to visit suppliers’ sites, a tour around MBDA Bolton site and supplier visits to MBDA. I also enjoyed learning about Missile Systems as this was very interesting and completely a new concept to me.

The team nights out helped me feel welcome from the very start and also having a buddy who was similar age to me was great, as we shared lots in common and it was nice to have a friendly face when needed. My manager was extremely understanding and enthusiastic which helped me settle into the role.

MBDA offer flexible hours which helped me manage my personal life also, the culture is very friendly with dress down Fridays really preparing everyone for the weekends. I really enjoyed the role and company.

What did you learn on your placement / internship?

My Summer Placement was only for 12 weeks, however I learnt more than I could have imagined, I was able to learn more about missile systems, contracts, the role of procurement, supplier and buyer relationships, and understand timescales for missiles. In addition, I have improved my skills in team working, Excel, SAP and communication. The most important learning that came out of my placement was my future, I have decided that procurement is the role for me when I finish my degree.

Would you want to return to work full time at MBDA UK and if so, why?

Yes, I was offered the graduate scheme from my summer placement at MBDA which I accepted straight away as this works perfectly for me, as I enjoyed working within the function and Company, this also takes some pressure off from final year of University. The people and culture really make MBDA which helped me do a great role within the Company, and I also believe the Company offer career progression and a chance to develop every day.

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