Robyn Wood

Commercial Finance Analyst

  • BSc Economics with Law
  • Plymouth, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Travelport

What was the interview process like?

After the online application and telephone interview, there was an assessment day that involved 2 interviews and group tasks. I enjoyed my assessment day, the environment was quite relaxed and comfortable.

How much responsibility were you given?

As soon as I started I was given my own individual tasks which I then build on over the course of the 13 months. While I was given more responsibilities and tasks, I was always given guidance and advice from my team.

“The team are always looking for change, and we interns play a big part in that”

What advice would you give to someone applying for your role?

Just be yourself. The worst thing would be for you to be given the wrong role that doesn’t suit you or the team. Travelport isn’t the easiest business to understand, so research it as best you can before you apply.

What did you most enjoy about your role?

The team that I worked in played a big part in my intern experience. They were a team that I could talk to and have fun with but also worked hard and encouraged me to grow and excel in my role.

What was the atmosphere like in your team?

Members of my team can be informal at times, but we always knuckle down when we need to. We have always been very supportive of each other in achieving the highest results. The team are always looking for change, and we interns play a big part in that.

“My time at Travelport has been great. I’ve learned so much that I will use in my career and met some great people too!”

What were the activities outside of work?

My team regularly organise social events and bonding activities outside of work. We went Up At The O2, which was really fun! There is also the opportunity to join Travelport’s Social Club, who organises monthly socials for example comedy nights, Segway and Bubble Football.

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