Advisory Intern

  • MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Bristol, University of
  • Internship (1-4 Months)
  • KPMG

What initially drew you to KPMG's summer vacation programme?

I wanted an opportunity to experience consulting and to see if it was for me. I'd decided to head in a new direction away from engineering (which I was studying at Uni) and thought management consultancy would suit me; an internship seemed like the ideal way to find out. KPMG attracted me in particular because of its strong reputation as well as its experience with internship placements.

“What I loved most was that there was no 'daily basis' work; every day really was different”

What was the application process like?

Pretty straightforward actually. KPMG kept me up-to-date on progress throughout. There was an online application form and then I had to pass some psychometric tests. I did practice, but on the day, I didn't complete it in time and thought I'd done badly. I've since learnt that it's more about accuracy than quantity. Most Careers Services have lots of practice tests, so make use of them! Finally there was an interview with a manager who mainly asked about my competencies (have lots of examples prepared!).

Highlights of the internship?

There were lots. Two things that really stand out though are the level of responsibility I was given and the positive responses I got from the client. The main highlight was being offered a job at the end of my placement! What did you do on a daily basis? What I loved most was that there was no 'daily basis' work; every day really was different. One day I might be travelling to client offices for meetings to discuss our strategy and another I'd be helping with a workshop or conducting interviews and research.

Advisory Intern

What did you learn on the internship?/Greatest challenge?

A huge amount! Some of the skills I learnt include improving my PowerPoint and presentation skills, effective interviewing technique and the importance of stakeholder engagement and communication. The greatest challenge would have to be the 'Launch Day' we held with the client to communicate their new approach. All the key stakeholders in one place meant there was a lot riding on it. It all went off without a hitch though.

What was the social life like?

You launch yourself straight into the project you're working on so build relationships quickly. And KPMG takes on quite a few interns, so we made a point of meeting up occasionally for drinks or a meal. It was a good balance and good to find out about what others were working on.

“Go for it! An internship generally can be a fantastic experience”

Any top tips for a student interested in a placement with KPMG?

Go for it! An internship generally can be a fantastic experience and you learn so much. KPMG in particular is well set up and experienced in hosting interns - so it's a great place to apply to.

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