Vacation Scheme Student

  • Modern History and Political Science
  • Birmingham, University of
  • Insight / Vacation Scheme (< 4 Weeks)
  • Pinsent Masons LLP

What were the highlights of the placement?

There are many highlights from my two weeks. What stands out in my mind was the people I met. I made some great friends whilst on the placement, many of whom are now my colleagues. It was fantastic to start my training contract surrounded by familiar, friendly faces.

“The placement scheme at Pinsent Masons gives a great insight into the type of work we do and the clients we work with”

What was your greatest challenge?

The placement I attended was the first experience I’ve had of working in a corporate law firm. I found the level of intellect and professionalism incredibly impressive. For me the greatest challenge was ensuring I performed to the best of my ability to enhance my chance of securing a training contract.

How has this vacation scheme affected your career prospects? Did it influence your choice of firm?

I believe that having vacation placement experience at a top 15 firm made me more appealing to potential employers. It demonstrated that I was able to successfully complete the application process, which can be very competitive. It also confirmed to me that it was the firm I wanted to complete my training contact with above any other. Spending two weeks with the firm afforded me the time to familiarise myself with the culture and working practices and feel comfortable that this was an environment in which I could thrive. It was important to me to find the firm that would provide a supportive environment and one which rewarded ambition and recognised personal achievements.

Vacation Scheme Student

What was the social life like?

The social life was great and the events were really varied, involving dinners, lunches with partners, and a couple of late nights out with the trainees! More recently I have been looking after a placement student and we have been busy with a bowling evening and a stroll to Brick Lane for a curry. A good social life is an important part of working at Pinsent Masons and we all value the opportunity to unwind and have fun with the people we work alongside on a daily basis. This process starts on the vacation scheme and continues throughout the firm.

Any top tips for a student interested in a placement here?

The placement scheme at Pinsent Masons gives a great insight into the type of work we do and the clients we work with. Once you’re here, my main piece of advice would be to enjoy yourself and make the most of all the opportunities that will be on offer to you. It is a competitive process but it can also a fun one if you remember to be yourself and use the time to get a good grasp of what a career at Pinsent Masons has to offer.

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