Patrick Day

Junior Engineer, Solutions. Part of the SOKO Team

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering
  • Bournemouth University
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • ASM Assembly Systems

Tell us about your time so far at ASM?

In my time so far at ASM Assembly Systems, I have faced many challenges and new opportunities that have both improved my personal development in engineering and transferred skills from university into the real world. Within my department I have had the opportunity to be involved with many different projects covering various aspects of the products we deliver. The work environment is also very positive and enjoyable to be a part of with me being able to settle into work life with my colleagues easily.

What is the area like?

Weymouth is an exciting and great area to live. The lifestyle is very relaxed but there is lots of things to do especially in the outdoors including walks, climbing and water sports. There is a range of shops, bars and restaurants in town to experience and amazing beaches to visit. Weymouth is also within a reasonable distance to be able to travel to surrounding towns and areas for days out.

How much responsibility were you given in your role?

My department is very small within ASM meaning I have been given more responsibility to take on projects and lead a structure to them that will create a deliverable to a customer. I have been treated the same as anyone else at the company and being a student hasn’t made a difference to what projects I am involved in or the responsibility I have.

Do you feel your experience will improve your graduate prospects?

Choosing to take on a placement year has been a great opportunity so far with it providing me with experience in the workplace before finishing university that will have to give me a graduate job at the end of my degree. It has also allowed me to learn new personal and engineering skills that can be taken into my final year of university improving the way I work.

What has ASM done to make you feel safe at work due to the pandemic?

COVID-19 has brought a range of challenges to both university and placement life. However, ASM was very open and reassuring before me joining that the placement would still go ahead. ASM are also very committed in making sure that their colleagues and their families remain safe and have put in a range of measures in line with the latest government guidelines. This includes face masks, social distancing, hand sanitising, temperature monitors and a mix of working from home and on site.

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