Paloma Ruiz De Dulanto

Data Analytics Placement Student

  • BSc Economics
  • Essex, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Travelport

What was the selection process like?

For such a long day it was well organised and it wasn’t too formal, which allowed us to relax and be ourselves. We had the chance to talk to team members and previous interns so we would understand better what our role would involve.

How much responsibility do you have?

I have the same amount of responsibility as any other member of my team, which is great. We are all about team work, so we take on each other’s workload and responsibilities all the time so we can each focus on the most imminent requests.

What advice would you give to students applying for your role?

Don’t worry too much! The most important part of your assessment centre is the interview: how well you get on with your future line manager. So, if you have an open personality and you are flexible and good with change, you’re set to go!

What do you most enjoy about your role?

What I enjoy most about my role is the flexibility I get when creating reports. I can be creative, and present data the way I see fit. When our peers see a well-built report, they always love it!

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been the CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility). We had to raise £15,000 for charity, and it required a lot of time throughout the year and team work, but now that we have achieved (and exceeded!) our target, it feels great!

Describe your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement has been improving my 2 weekly reports. It took a lot of time and calls with our customers, but I managed to make the reports interactive, to tailor them to the customer needs and to reduce the creation time by 50%.

What did you enjoy most/least about the CSR activities? How could we improve upon this?

What I liked the most about the CSR activities was working alongside the rest of the interns, and receiving so much support from everyone in Travelport. It’s great to see the fruits of our efforts!

How has this experience exceeded your expectations?

It has exceeded my expectations in every way. My day to day job, the amount of external projects available to get involved in, the CSR program, the ERC groups… it’s the range of options and diversity that surprised me the most and it’s what I have enjoyed the most.

What is the office atmosphere like?

There is a great atmosphere, everyone is always in a good mood and my team and I get along great. We are always making jokes and laughing!

What activities are there outside of work?

There is the Travelport Social Club, that always organizes new and entertaining activities, like boat parties, Cirque Du Soleil, escape room, theatre… it’s always great fun! We were always planning stuff and going out!

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