Nora Horn

Sales Excellence Placement

  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • Greenwich, University of
  • Placement Year (10 Months+)
  • Microsoft

How would you summarise your placement role?

Within the Sales Excellence role, I have been working to maintain and improve the accuracy of our forecasting, which results in predictable business planning. I created sales insights and analysed data. Furthermore, I have been part of the Public Sector Sales Team helping our customers to envisage how their transformation journey with Microsoft could look like. Moreover, I was part of the DigiGirlz team which aims to empower and inspire young girls to pursue a career in STEM.

What has been your biggest achievement or source of pride of your placement so far?

My biggest achievement was winning the ‘Mrs Microsoft’ award, as voted for by my peers in the intern community for the impact I made during the year.

What are the key lessons you will take away from this experience?

The key lesson I will take away from my experience is that I want to work for a company which values I share and believe in. Microsoft gave me the opportunity to do my day job but also give back to the society which I enjoyed. Furthermore, it made me realise that I do want to work in the technology industry as it is a fast pace environment and I can see how technology can help society. The opportunities we have with technology seem endless.

What have you enjoyed the most about your placement?

I enjoyed the freedom and flexibility within the company. I was able to choose areas I want to be part of which are not directly related to my day job. That way I was able to contribute to our company shared values and culture of ‘empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more’ by being part of DigiGirlz and empowering young girls.

What is your top tip for current students applying for placements or going through the assessment process?

Believe in yourself. It can be exhausting applying for placements and you might think you will never get accepted. Remain positive and it will work out. I would suggest researching the companies you want to apply for and apply for a lot of companies but only if you are genuinely interested in doing a placement there. Pick the ones you are interested in and focus on their applications. Use the BSEO as they are great for support and know what employees are looking for. You can ask for help in CVs, cover letters, mock interviews and assessment centres. Ensure that you practice online tests and research about the company before an interview. Finally, be authentic.

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